The Best Lelo Sex Toys, According to the Most Orgasmic Reviews

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One of the wonderful side effects of the pleasure revolution is that, nowadays, there's no dearth of sex toys. The global sex toy market size was valued at $33.64 billion last year, and is only expected to grow. But as The Roaring 20s turn into, well, The Wanking 20s (Sex Education, anyone?), we'll need to become more discerning about what dildos and vibrators we spend money on. Luckily, sexual pleasure brand Lelo is a pretty safe bet for sexual gratification. Not only are Lelo toys gorgeous works of art, but they offer next-level tech and endless pleasure (thanks to their optimized settings).

When you're on the market for your first sex toy (or your 20th), you have a lot to choose from. Do you want a wand vibrator or something with suction capabilities? Are you interested in butt play? Do you want a toy that targets two pleasure points at once? These are all great questions, so to help you make some decisions, we rounded up the best Lelo sex toys that have garnered the most orgasmic reviews. Be warned: You may be tempted to add on more than one of these to your collection.

The best Lelo sex toys, according to reviewers

Sila — $135.00

This larger-mouthed massager works by sending sonic waves that surround your clitoris for a buildup that’s the very opposite of anti-climatic… if you know what I mean. The five-star reviews are filled with partners expressing their worries that the Sila may just replace them in bed. And hey, maybe they have cause for worry.

Promising review: “This little toy will absolutely make you have nonstop organisms. I have never felt anything like this before. It will make you go crazy and have non stop organism! I look forward to using it everyday. I highly recommend it. You will be extremely satisfied!!”

Enigma — $161.00

Experience both G-spot and clitoral stimulation with the Enigma (read our very in-depth review here). This dual stimulator is designed to massage the clit with sonic waves, while the arm enters internally and hits the G-spot just the way you want it to. With pulsations you can customize, you’ll have some of the most intense orgasms in your life.

Promising review: “So good I died! I’ve actually tried using Sona cruise and Ina 2 together and Enigma is the perfect mix of both! I’m considering leaving my job to have more time to spend with this toy.”

Ora 3 — $169.00

Ora 3 is designed to mimic the feeling of oral sex with a rotating, tongue-like pressure on your clitoris. And reviewers say it definitely delivers on that promise.

Promising review: “This is a very good product. I bought it a month ago and am very satisfied. The flicky thing moves in different patterns. It also vibrates in various patterns. This is the most sophisticated sex toy I have purchased. I am so happy I bought it and look forward to getting more.”

Tiani 3 — $169.00

Take missionary up a notch with this dual-operating vibrator that’s designed to enhance partnered sex. Place one side on the clitoris and the other in your vagina for partner play with a little extra pizzaz. You can give your partner the control on this one—they can use the wireless control and choose how intense your vibrations are going to be.

Promising review: “Feels great, and fun to use together! We have rarely used toys together, and so had few expectations. The Tiani stays in plays surprisingly well, and feels good on skin. Thanks Lelo!”

Tor 2 — $139.00

If you or your partner has a penis, put this “cock ring”-style toy on right before sex. It vibrates as you thrust, giving you and your partner infinite pleasure and next-level stimulation. The smart silicone design ensures that the ring fits all sizes.

Promising review: “I was skeptical when purchasing because my wife wanted to try this. I’m so glad I followed through, it has made a difference in the bedroom! We will be exploring more with the Lelo products, the material is great and so many different functions.”

LELO Gigi 2 — $139.00

A classic! The Gigi (the top-selling vibrator in the U.S., BTW) targets the G-spot with its perfectly curved tip, but can also be used to stimulate the clitoris. Choose your own adventure with eight pleasure settings.

Promising review: “This was the first toy I bought for myself and wow! It’s easy to use and can be so powerful when you need it to be. It’s also so much fun to use and I love it!”

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