Summer Skin Care

The Best Lip Balms With SPF to Keep Your Pout Safe in the Summer Sun

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Photo: Getty Images/Westend61
Slathering yourself from head to toe with sunscreen is a top priority under the summer sun. And you have multiple products tucked away that get the job done, from your gentle streak-free facial sunscreen you use on the daily to the reef-safe body lotion that's always in your beach bag. But when's the last time you used lip balms with SPF to protect your pout?

The lips are often forgotten about when it comes to sunscreen application. And nope—that pretty color you swipe on before work looks cute, but it probably isn't doing anything to deflect the sun's harmful rays. Make it your mission to protect your lips just as often as you do the rest of your body with these balms packing SPF that add moisture and shine.

Yes, sunscreen does expire. Here's what you should know, straight from a dermatologist. Also, check out this top-rated $7 sunscreen applicator that will help you slather lotion on your own back.

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