6 Totally Worth-It Lululemon Products You Should Buy (and What You Can Skip), According to Former Employees

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In a sea of athleisure companies, one brand has managed to stand out and capture the hearts of, well, just about everyone—Lululemon. Known for its high-quality activewear that can be worn well beyond the gym, Lululemon has become synonymous with style, comfort, and performance.

Whether your goal is to find your new favorite leggings for running or a sweat-wicking sports bra, the best Lululemon products are an investment that will serve you for years to come. But, if you don't know what to look for, you could end up with buyer’s remorse (or at least a big, legging-shaped hole in your wallet). Read on for a few items that, former Lululemon employees say are *actually* worth your coin.

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The best Lululemon products, at a glance


The athleisure brand has a good reputation for making high-quality products, and rightfully so. But still, some Lululemon items are more worth those hefty price tags than others. Who best to separate the best from the rest? Former Lululemon employees, of course. We tracked down a few to hear about the most worth-it items—and the ones you can probably skip.

The best Lululemon products, according to former employees

Best bra:

a woman wearing the energy bra, one of the best lululemon products
Lululemon, Energy Bra — $52.00

Available sizes: 2-14, B-DDD; comes in medium (pictured) and high-support versions, as well as longline versions

Overall, the brand’s bras have mixed reviews from former employees. (The most common complaint is that they just don’t have enough support for larger chests.)

One thing most everyone agreed on? The Energy Bra is the one to get. “They are the only sports bras I wear,” says Alyson Dolan, who worked as an educator at a store in Michigan for two years. Made with Lululemon’s much beloved Luxtreme fabric, the Energy Bra is designed for yoga and training and features sweat-wicking, breathable material and a comfortable amount of stretch.

For Kimberly Ricks, who worked at Lululemon for eight years in three states, it’s her go-to option for teaching spin classes—and doing pretty much everything else in, too. “It’s hands-down my favorite bra, for any activity,” she says. “Whether the regular style, the longline style, the high neck style—I love all of them. They’re super comfy.”

Colors available: Varies by style


  • Inclusive size range
  • Alternative styles available
  • Soft, comfy Luxtreme fabric
  • Supportive
  • Breathable
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Versatile


  • Pricey

Best legging:

fast and free tights, one of the best lululemon products
Lululemon, Fast and Free High-Rise Tights — $128.00

Available sizes: 0-20, in several lengths and styles

Leggings rule all at Lululemon, so leaving that category off this list would be unthinkable. But former employees say that finding the right fabric and style of legging is highly personal. One style that got only positive reviews is the Fast & Free Legging, a running tight made from the brand’s super lightweight Nulux fabric.

“I work out pretty hard, and they hold up really well for workouts but then also transition well to in-between, so you don’t have to worry about whether they’re going to pill or snag,” says former Lululemon merchandising leader, Amanda Giladi. With an internal drawstring to ensure they don’t ride down (even when they get sweaty), plus two large side pockets and several small waistband pockets, the Fast & Free are some of Lululemon’s most technical leggings, but they don’t sacrifice comfort.

Colors available: 6


  • Inclusive size range
  • Stretchy, supportive Nulux fabric
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Drawstring waistband
  • Internal and external pockets


  • Pricey

Best pant:

a person wearing dance studio pants, one of the best lululemon products
Lululemon, Dance Studio Pant — $118.00

Available sizes: 0-20, in several lengths and styles

A Lululemon pant that isn’t a legging? Gasp! Dolan says the Dance Studio Pant is a total sleeper hit—they’re sweat-wicking, stretch well, and “have Kim Possible energy,” she says.

Ricks says the pants were her first-ever purchase as a Lululemon employee back in 2010, and she lived in them up until a few years ago when it was finally time for a new pair. It’s not hard to see why—the pants are highly versatile and can be dressed down post-workout or dressed up for a more elevated athleisure look. There are also drawstrings at the ankle so you can wear them either as joggers or flare-style pants.

Colors available: 4


  • Comfy and versatile
  • Stretchy
  • Sweat-wicking
  • Drawstring waistband and hems
  • External pockets


  • Limited sizing

Best top:

swiftly long sleeve shirt, one of the best lululemon products
Lululemon, Swiftly Tech Long-Sleeve 2.0 — $78.00

Available sizes: 0-20, in several lengths and styles, including short sleeve and racerback tank versions

Take a look around your next barre or yoga class, and you’ll almost certainly spot a Swiftly Tech Shirt. (The long-sleeved version is especially popular.) “I know one of the big selling points is that they’re anti-microbial,” says Giladi. “You can wear it and get it sweaty and it doesn’t pick up that after-sweat stink or funk.”

Giladi says the fit is flattering enough to wear the shirt even beyond her workouts, and it also works great as a base layer in the winter. “I’ll toss it under a sweater when it’s cold outside,” she says.

Colors available: 3


  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Antimicrobial


  • Slim fit—consider sizing up for a looser fit

Best outerwear:

a woman wearing a white lululemon down for it all vest, one of the best luluemon products
Lululemon, Down for It All Vest — $168.00

Available sizes: 0-14

Splurging on functional, versatile, durable products doesn’t have to feel like a splurge at all. That’s why Giladi loves the Down for It All Vest, a wind-resistant, water-repellent layer for running in cold weather (but as the name implies, it’s versatile enough for nearly anything). “I still have the first one that I bought,” she says. “It’s still in amazing condition and I am not kind to it. I run in it, I wear it in the city, I wear it to work. It should be disgusting and it’s not.”

Samantha Diaz, who worked at several stores in Michigan, also vouches for its durability. “It’s low maintenance—it washes and dries really well,” she says. “They tell you not to put their stuff in the dryer, but I’ve been sloppy with that, and I’m still using it years later.”

Former employees aren’t the only ones who love the Down for It All Vest: Giladi remembers customers “losing their minds for it” when it came out every year. “It functions as a light jacket on its own, you can throw it over literally anything, and it packs up into the tiniest thing—you could put it in a fanny pack.”

Colors: 7


  • Packable
  • Lightweight
  • Water-resistant
  • Durable
  • Pockets for storage


  • Pricey
  • Limited sizing

Best accesorry:

a blue everywhere belt bag, one of the best lululemon products
Lululemon, Everywhere Belt Bag — $38.00

Sizes available: mini, 1L (pictured) and 2L versions

Lululemon lore has it that the now fan-favorite Everywhere Belt Bag started as part of the employee uniform, for them to hold their phones while out on the floor. “Customers started saying, Hey, what is that bag?” says David Michael Gay, who worked as an educator in New York City. “Because of that demand, they released it, and it would always sell out. They’d come in and then suddenly they’d all be gone.”

Today, it’s no surprise that you can spot these bags in the wild constantly. Its multitude of color options, perfect-sized pockets for daily essentials, and reasonable price point makes it a top choice for travel and everyday wear alike. (Both Giladi and Gay say it’s still their go-to everyday bag.)

Colors available: 10+


  • Versatile
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Convenient


  • Sell out quickly

Lululemon products you can skip


Lululemon sells a variety of socks, most of which will run you at least $12 a pair, some much more. Gay says they are the rare exception in terms of the brand’s quality. “After three washes the gel starts melting,” he says. “For how much they cost, they do not live up to their expectations."

Dolan says she’s also had issues with the no-show socks sliding down her shoes. (Psst! We have plenty of other recommendations for great no-show socks.)

Cropped outerwear

Diaz says the trend towards cropped outerwear—which Lululemon has very much embraced—just doesn’t compute, and she has a point. “Based on the fact that they’re a company that prides themselves on functionality, it doesn’t make sense to me to see a down jacket or a rain jacket or a rain vest that’s cropped,” she says. “I don’t see how that’s going to keep you warm, and I don’t see how you’re going to layer it.”

Cropped loungewear? Sure. But for pieces that are supposedly technical—and are therefore priced high accordingly—it can feel like you’re only getting half your money’s worth.


Most Lululemon underwear styles will set you back at least $16 a pop, which, like the socks, many former employees agree aren't worth it. Ricks says that while they are comfortable, they don’t hold their shape well, especially if you’re working out in them. Dolan agrees and says the coverage they provide never quite works for her.


We may have already reached peak scrunchie, but former employees say that, surprisingly, Lululemon scrunchies were one of the most returned items they saw, mostly due to the elastic breaking. “They’re really cute and great colors,” says Giladi. “But at the end of the day, it’s still just a hair tie, and the elastic is going to break. So the price is a little excessive, especially when it’s not a performance item.” Noted.

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