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This Mirror Makes Putting on Your Makeup in Bad Lighting a Thing of the Past

Zoe Weiner

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Graphic: Well+Good Creative
According to an old proverb I found on, "The best mirror of all is an old friend." While that's a nice sentiment, I'm here to tell you that the best mirror is actually the Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro ($400). Which is why I'm begging someone (anyone!) to buy it for me for Hanukkah this year.

Before you @ me for getting all dramatic about a mirror, hear me out. I'm a big believer that a mirror is actually the most important part of any beauty routine. You can invest hundreds of dollars in the best haircare, skin care, and makeup products, but ultimately it's for nothing if you can't actually see yourself putting it on. How can you tell if a cleanser is really working if you can't check to see that each individual pore is free of gunk? Really, you can't.

Enter the Simplehuman Sensor Mirror. This mirror isn't just any old mirror: It's more a hi-def, full-screen IMAX flick that stars your face. For starters, it's huge. And that hugeness brings on an element of glamour that will make you feel like you've been transported to Beyoncé's dressing room and are getting ready to go onstage... even if you're only sitting in your bathroom getting ready for work with a bottle of drugstore concealer. It's equipped with 1X magnification, which is big enough for ensuring you'll never miss a spot when concealing blemishes, but not so big that you're going to want to spend all day analyzing the depths of every pore on your face. For those times when you do want to get down and dirty with your blackheads (or, uh, tweeze your chin hairs), there's a small, 10X magnification mirror that attaches to the larger mirror with a magnet.

Then there's the lighting. Holy moly, the lighting. You control the mirror's light modes via an app, which comes equipped with five different options to reflect different environments—from daylight to candlelight to fluorescent office lighting—so that you can tailor your makeup based on the lighting it will be seen in IRL. What's really cool, though, is that you can also set up custom lighting options by taking a photo. So, for example, if you want to look A++ to flirt with your barista the next time you stop into your local café, snap a selfie in the lighting in the Simplehuman app, and the mirror will then mimic that lighting onscreen. In other words, you never have to worry about splotchy, unblended foundation again.... no matter what lighting you wind up in.

At $400, the mirror is definitely a pricey pick... but a worthy investment (or a great thing to ask your friends to gift you for the holidays) for the sake of admiring yourself in high-def and perfect lighting forever.

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