Found: the Best Mattresses for Couples, Because No One Has Time for a Tossing, Turning Bedmate

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When you live with someone, choosing the right decor for your healthy home is crucial. But even if you made sure to get a couch big and comfy enough for cuddling up during all your Netflix binge-watching seshes, you might not have dedicated enough thought to one super-crucial piece of furniture. How much thought went into your bed?

During those eight or so hours spent dreaming about avocado toast, the average healthy person changes positions 40 to 60 times, according to Consumer Reports. And it goes without saying that without the right mattress, all that movement can cause some major problems in the form of sleep loss and relationship strife when you're sharing the space with someone else.

The average person changes positions 40 to 60 times—and it goes without saying that without the right mattress, all that movement can cause some major problems when you're sharing the space with someone else.

To make sure you or your partner never has to move to the couch to get a quality night's sleep, the nonprofit organization tested different innerspring and foam mattresses to determine the best choices for couples. After factoring in their level of support and stabilization—which are crucial for keeping your spine aligned (AKA no back pain!)—and making sure moving around didn't lead sleep disturbances, only a handful of options made the cut. Before you buy your next mattress, look to the list below.

If you decide to go rogue with a different option, just make sure to keep one test-run tip in mind: “When shopping for a mattress with your partner, make sure you’ve tried out the bed while lying on it together,” says Chris Regan, project leader for the mattress testing initiative. Because even if it feels like the best dream-inducing surface ever, unless you can simulate a real sleep environment next to your real sleep mate, you can't know for sure what kind of situation you're getting in bed with.

The best mattresses for couples that take on every toss and turn.

Innerspring mattresses

1. Charles P. Rogers Powercore Estate 5000

2. Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Elite Kelburn

3. Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Middletown

4. Voila Hybrid

Foam mattresses

1. Casper The Casper

2. Sleep on Latex Pure Green Firm

3. Tuft & Needle Mint

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