4 Best Milk Frothers for Your Latte and Your Budget

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Becoming your own barista comes with plenty of perks. You save money, you don't have to leave the house for caffeine, and you cut down on single-use items (those paper coffee cups aren't recyclable). But you can only reap the benefits if you're enjoying the drinks you brew enough to cut things off with your local coffee shop. To replicate the best expertly made coffee drinks, a milk frother is a must-have.

The few bubbles you get from hand whisking oat milk doesn't hold a candle to the foamy goodness that you can get from an electric frother. Whether you're looking for an affordable option as your first or ready to upgrade to a more serious machine, you'll find four of the best milk frothers for you brew and your budget.

Best milk frothers for your budget

Good Mylk Co. Electric Frother — $20.00

This handheld milk frother is a great affordable frother that’s great for traveling. It’s rechargeable, so with a full battery, you can use it anywhere without worrying about cords.

best milk frothers
Miroco Electric Milk Steamer Soft Foam Maker — $42.00

Stepping up from handheld frothers, canister frothers allow you to heat your milk as well as froth it. I have the Miroco milk frother and I love it. It has two heated froth settings (dense foam and airy foam), one cold froth setting, and now to just heat. It works wonders with my go-to alt milks: Oatly oat milk and Tache pistachio milk. It’s on the smaller side, meaning you can only steam or froth enough milk for one. It is not machine washable.

Watch a dietitian explain everything you need to know about alt milk:



Miroco Electric Stainless Steel Milk Steamer and Frother, Detachable — $90.00

This detachable frother from Miroco does everything the above frother does but on a larger scale. It can make up to one cup of frothed milk, more than twice as much as the. The jug can also be used to make fresh hot chocolate by melting chocolate while warming milk. And because of how this machine is built, the jug is machine washable.

best milk frothers
Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Milk Frother — $130.00

If you’re ready to fully invest in your milk frothing experience and are fond of hosting groups for coffee, this mega frother from Breville is for you. It can make up to three cups of frothed milk. It comes with two frothing wands, one for lattes and one for cappuccinos, so your milk will be frothed to perfection depending on the drink you’re having. You also have more control over the temperature, with one cold setting and a range between warm and hot. It can also be used to make hot chocolate and is machine washable.

Learn about the benefits of coffee:

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