5 Subscription Boxes That Will Save You Serious Cash on Personal Care Products

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It's the Murphy's Law of grooming: Whenever you really need to shave your legs, that'll be the day that you reach into the cupboard and your box of razors is empty. (And you're left to use the slightly rusty one on your shower shelf while you frantically calculate when you had your last tetanus shot.)

The same can be said for lots of things that you never remember to buy until you desperately need them—think tampons, hand soap, dental floss. Which is what makes the new wave of subscription boxes, which set up recurring auto-shipments of choice products, clutch for the busiest of women: You'll always be fully stocked with all of your healthy personal care staples without actually having to think about it.

Just like those super-popular monthly boxes filled with clothes, recipe ingredients, and beauty productshey, even Well+Good curated one—these subscriptions will not only save you money (or cost about the same as a drugstore run), but they'll also save you incredible amounts of time. Whether you use that extra time to squeeze in back-to-back workouts or catch up on Jane the Virgin? Hey, no judgement.

Scroll down to see the healthy subscription boxes that'll save you money—and a few CVS trips.

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Boka oral care supplies

Boka is a healthy oral care brand that sends you fresh brushing gear every three months—that's the suggested amount of time that you should be using a toothbrush, FYI. The brush’s bristles are made with Binchotan activated charcoal that naturally reduces odor-causing bacteria, the floss is Teflon-free and petroleum-free, and the natural mint toothpaste is made in the US and devoid of fluoride, SLS, triclosan, parabens, and artificial ingredients.

Plus, for every Boka brush purchased, the company donates a toothbrush to those in need. So even though the Boka kit is slightly more expensive than buying all your dental items à la carte, it's worth it for the convenience and the feel-good factor.

Boka kit
$16/quarter; toothbrush, toothpaste, floss

Traditional oral care items
Toothbrush: $5.00
Toothpaste: $6.00
Floss: $3.00
Total: $14.00

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Cora tampons

This is a category where convenience is key. How many times have you woken up to find your period has paid a visit and you're fresh out of tampons—you knew you forgot something at the store!

That's not the only reason why it's worth springing for a subscription. Cora tampons are made with premium organic cotton and a BPA-free compact plastic applicator—and considering where they're going in your body, Cora's higher price (compared to the standard drugstore tampons) is totally justified.

Cora tampons
$13/month; 18 tampons

Regular tampons
$6.99/16 tampons

Photo: Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club razors

Subscriptions start at $1 a month for the brand's most basic two-blade model, with four-blade and six-blade razors available at $6 and $12, respectively. (The handles are free, FYI.)

I personally cringe every single time I lose my store-bought razor handle or need a new pack—they're outrageously expensive if you expect a smooth shave (which I do). And since these blades are designed for dudes' faces, you know they're going to deliver in that department.

Dollar Shave razors
$6/month; four-blade razor and four refills

Normal refillable razors
$9.50/two refills

Photo: The Honest Company

The Honest Company Essentials Bundle 

The Honest Company has the option to order bundled subscription boxes, allowing you to save up to 35 percent off what you'd pay for individual products. You just choose any five items—from dish soap to face wash—and choose how often you'd like them delivered.

Yes, you could possibly find non-natural options for less individually, but all of these are free of the most dangerous chemicals commonly found in household and personal care products. Clean, discounted, and delivered before you even know you need them? It's a no-brainer.

The Honest Company Cleaning Bundle
$39.95/five items

Regular basket of cleaning supplies
Multi-Surface Cleaner: $4.00
Hand Soap: $4.00
Healing Balm: $12.95
Shampoo + Body Wash: $9.99
Face Lotion: $20
Total: $50.94

Photo: Splendies

Splendies underwear

While you may not think of underwear as a subscription box necessity, if you take a look in that top drawer there's a chance you have some underthings that are way past their prime.

This subscription box from Splendies gives you three pairs of underwear—from an all-thong pack to a surprise mix—each month, so you can keep things exciting in the lingerie department. Added bonus: If you feel sexier, you're probably going to have more sex (and experience the wellness benefits that come with it)—so think of it as an investment in your health, and not just your closet.

Splendies subscription
$13.99/month; 3 pairs

Regular underwear
$35/3 pairs

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