The Genius Natural Beauty Products That’ll Have Your Skin Prepped for Fall


That first feeling of crispness is in the air—which means we're whipping out our leather jackets, making vegan pumpkin spice truffle balls on the reg, and scouring the new fall-friendly beauty products hitting shelves right now.

So your skin's ready to take on the season, we've vetted a super-cool body mousse (yup, mousse!), rejuvenating skin-care and bath treatments, and rockstar eye colors that satisfy a craving for darker, bolder makeup (just us?).

Craving some colder-weather-fighting ingredients and more daring makeup?

Keep reading to check out the 11 new beauty products that will enhance your natural glow despite the dropping temps.

Photo: OY-L

OY-L Face Wash, $36

All the benefits of cleansing with Manuka honey, without the mess.

One of our editors had such good luck washing her face with honey (buh-bye, breakouts!) that I was excited to see this product come in. Give the (super chic) bottle a shake and a pump and you’ve got the perfect honey-oil mix—without the mess of sticking your fingers in a honey jar. The grime of the day washed right off, without irritating my sensitive skin.

Photo: Cocokind

Cocokind Organic Full Brow Balm, $14

This balm helps you get that natural look—without the help of any unnatural ingredients.

If, like me, you’re queen of the low-maintenance brow look, you’ll fall hard for this balm. Organic raw cacao powder gives your brows a subtle tint for a some definition while organic jojoba and coconut oils keep your brow hairs nourished and hydrated. Just one swipe (with your finger—no brushes necessary!) and your brows will stay in place without feeling too sticky.

Photo: Amayori

Amayori Rotenburo Air Luxury Bath Salts, $80

A soak that feels deeply nourishing, inspired by traditional Japanese baths.

Inspired by Japanese onsen, or therapeutic hot springs, these salts give your skin major TLC with gentle exfoliation from several different types of sea salts, and an antioxidant boost from green tea. And its citrusy-floral essential oil blend is meant to evoke nature and the feeling of bathing outdoors (AKA the Japanese open-air bath tradition, called Rotenburo). My windowless bathroom is a far cry from an open-air bath in nature, but with every inhale I felt the worries of the day melting away and a pleasant, buzzy energy flowing through my veins.

moon fruit
Photo: Herbivore Botanicals

Herbivore Botanicals Moon Fruit Night Treatment, $58

An otherworldly night mask that activates your skin's glow as you sleep.

This night treatment is truly out-of-this-world. First, its color is unlike any other mask out there—be ready to take selfies of your skin covered in a beautiful periwinkle cream (thanks to indigo root powder and manganese violet). It's packed with superfruits like prickly pear and goji berry along with regenerating enzymes from papaya, lemon, and maple. This is in addition to ultra-hydrating butters and hyaluronic acid that all come together for perfect skin-restoring synchronicity as you sleep. I woke up with incredibly soft skin that appeared more plump and even—and, might I add, an (inter)stellar radiance.

rituel de fille
Photo: Rituel de Fille

Rituel de Fille Ash & Ember Eye Soot in Obsidian, $27

For that perfect smokey eye—minus the smudge.

While I’m into a more natural look day-to-day, fall makes me want to bring out the vampy colors for my weekend look. Enter this witchy, vegan eyeshade, reputed for its super long-lasting color. Even if you suffer from oily eyelid problems (ahem), the buzzy statement shadow lives up to the no-smudge hype, with a rich, waxy formula that’s perfect for dipping in a makeup brush (or finger). And don’t be intimidated by the dark hue—the mineral-based color goes on gradually, allowing you to build to your desired effect… all without synthetic dyes or parabens.

alima pure
Photo: Alima Pure

Alima Pure Liquid Silk Foundation, $42

For imperfection-blurring coverage that lets your skin breathe.

Though Alima Pure's latest creation is incredibly hydrating—it blends hyaluronic acid and coconut and argan oils—don't mistake it for a moisturizer. This buildable foundation goes on light but packs a punch: with just a tiny drop, the redness (and pimple) on my face became invisible. Your skin will be moisturized with a natural glow that goes on matte—it truly looks like liquid silk.

osmia organics
Photo: Osmia Organics

Osmia Organics Lavender Body Mousse, $42

An uber-light, rich, and fluffy moisturizer for the upcoming dry-skin weather.

The whipped texture of this amazing shea butter and babassu oil cream is seriously unparalleled. Think Marshmallow Fluff but a trillion times better for you—and a bit more creamy. Somehow it’s super light and rich. Proof: It’s significantly soothed my elbows roughed up from boot camp, and added a certain luster back to my itchy-scratchy legs. (Thanks, first signs of fall.) With six simple ingredients—including maxing-and-relaxing lavender oil—this handmade nourisher has a confirmed spot on my bedside table till the first day of spring.

vapour beauty
Photo: Vapour Organic Beauty

Vapour Organic Beauty Halo Illuminator, $36

A magical highlighter that's simple to contour with.

Confession: I usually use a Nars liquid illuminator to fake a dewy glow, so I was hesitant to give it up, but this stick works just as well—and is super east to apply. Basically, you put it on the same way you would lip balm on you lips, and then just use your fingers to rub it in a little. I like that it highlighted my skin without making me look like a glitter fairy. Plus, it has Vapour's Herbal Enlightenment Complex in it—AKA their blend of nourishing herbs that promote healthy skin as they make you look fab.

mychelle peel
Photo: MyChelle

MyChelle Perfect C Pro Speed Peel, $33

For an at-home, professional-grade peel that re-texturizes as it exfoliates.

This mask is unlike anything I’ve ever done at home. After only one minute, my face feels like I just left the spa—exfoliated, rejuvenated, and so much brighter. With such a busy schedule, I don’t always have time to do a full-blown mask regimen for 30 minutes, so this powerful fruit-acid and lactic-acid mask is the perfect quick—but seriously effective—alternative. Plus, the orange zest in the mask smells incredible.

rms swift shadow
Photo: RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty Swift Shadow in Garden Rose GR-19, $20

For an edgy, cool-girl look with just one swipe of vibrant color.

Super-buzzy RMS gets endless props for their multi-tasking Living Luminizer, which bestows a beatific, healthy glow normally reserved for those with fabulous genes. They've just launched eye powders that can do as much for your eyes. The colors are pressed, not baked—which preserves the natural ingredients (like jojoba and buriti oils), and come in little white palettes, not pots. The shades are ridiculously chic, including this bold, dusty pink. I was shocked by how bright it was after just one swipe on my eyelid. Though I'm not typically an eyeshadow person, I'm a changed woman after being introduced to this stylish shade for its instant boost of street cred.

tata harper moisturizer
Photo: Tata Harper

Tata Harper Clarifying Moisturizer, $105

The acne-fighting, ultra-hydrating moisturizer.

If a thicker, more heavy-duty moisturizer calls to you in the colder weather, but you don't want to worry about bringing on a breakout, Tata Harper's new moisturizer is made for you. It's super light and packed with active ingredients that help tame acne, like willow bark extract, lactobacillus, sage extract, and zinc. It made my skin appear more even-toned and matte, and I noticed some blemishes were much calmer after massaging it in.

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