‘This Natural Deodorant Finally Got Me To Make the Switch for Good’

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If you thought talking about politics can be sticky, just wait until natural deodorants come up in conversation. People tend to have opinions on the matter—particularly because they haven't always had the best reputation. But it's been years since they first hit the market, and with one swipe of the latest products available, you might consider making a natural deodorant part of your daily routine.

The best natural deodorants are eco-friendly and don't cause any irritation. More than a few Well+Good staffers switched to natural deodorants, and they're never looking back. These are the best of the best.

Best Natural Deodorants

corpus natural deodorant
Corpus Natural Deodorant — $24.00

“I’ve tried a lot of natural deodorants in my day, and my biggest gripe is that by 3 p.m. the inside of my shirt is coated with a thick baking soda paste that reminds me a lot of the DIY volcanos my best bud Caroline and I used to make when we were kids. I love Corpus Santalum because it’s a slick gel-like texture that stops odor with a fragrance that’s so good it has no right being lumped in as a deodorant.” —Ali Finney, beauty and fitness director

weleda sage deodorant spray
Weleda Sage 12h Deodorant Spray — $14.00

“I’m a fan of anything that comes in a glass bottle. Aren’t we all? That said, the Weleda sage deodorant spray is so much more than its luxe packaging. As an admittedly sweaty gal—no matter the season—I pray to, swear by, would marry this deo. It’s a spray, so it lasts forever, is dermatologically tested, works for all skin types, has no antiperspirants or synthetic preservatives, and is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. Need I say more?” —Saanya Ali, editorial projects associate

curie natural deodorant
Curie All-Natural Deodorant in Orange Neroli — $12.00

“I’m a sweaty person, and I’m really hoping none of my current crushes are reading this right now, and I am thus wary of natural deodorants. But this stick from Curie actually manages to keep me dry. Also, neroli is one of my favorite scents, so I was delighted to find it as one of the options here. They also sell it in a candle that I’m similarly obsessed with.” —Allie Flinn, Well+Good contributor

Kopari Aluminum-Free Deodorant — $14.00

Kopari’s deodorant is made with organic coconut oil, which is anti-bacterial and naturally hydrating. It has a non-toxic formula and uses no aluminum or parabens, and it comes in four scents that will make you feel like you’re on vacation: beach, coastal, gardenia, and tropical.

type a natural deodorant
Type:A Natural Deodorant — $10.00

Deodorant won’t stop sweat, but this one works double time once you start. It has sweat-activated technology and a touch of baking soda to absorb sweat and eliminate odor-causing bacteria. It’s a cream instead of a solid, so it comes in a handy squeeze tube for easy application.

ursa major natural deodorant
Ursa Major Natural Deodorant — $18.00

With mint and eucalyptus as key ingredients, this deodorant will feel cool as soon as you swipe it underneath your pits. It’s also formulated with only naturally-derived ingredients, including kaolin clay to help absorb moisture and hops to keep odors at bay.

pacifica natural deodorant wipes
Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes — $9.00

These wipes are a great solution when you’re on-the-go (or if you need to share with a friend) and want a quick freshen up. They’re made with a blend of coconut milk and essential oils to neutralize odors for hours, are aluminum-free, and each pack comes with 30 pre-moistened, biodegradable towelettes.

Best Natural Deodorants for Sensitive Skin

native natural plastic free deodorant
Native Plastic-Free Deodorant — $16.00

“I’ve been on the natural deodorant train for a decade now, but I’ve struggled to find one that isn’t housed in plastic packaging. No longer! Native now offers five of its deodorants in paperboard packaging. It’s the same stink-stopping, sweat-absorbing formula I’ve used for years, just in an earth-friendly tube.” —Annie Tomlin, Well+Good Council editor

humble natural deodorant
Humble All Natural Vegan Deodorant — $10.00

Humble’s vegan deodorant only contains four clean ingredients plus essential oils to give it a relaxing lavender scent (you can also get it in bergamot + ginger and palo santo + frankincense). It’s made in small batches and designed to be gentle, especially on sensitive skin.

crystal deodorant stick
Crystal Deodorant Stick — $5.00

Crystal’s deodorant stick is as simple as it gets: it uses mineral salts from mineral crystals that naturally block odors for up to 24 hours. It’s unscented, not sticky, and leaves no white streaks or residue of any sort. And one stick can last for up to a year of use.

megababe rosy pits natural deodorant
Megababe Rosy Pits Deodorant — $21.00

It’s hard not to love the cute packaging on Megababe’s aluminum- and paraben-free deodorant, but what’s inside is also impressive. It’s made with natural ingredients like sage, coconut, and green tea to protect you from odor-causing bacteria, as well as vitamin E, which is a natural anti-inflammatory. Use it daily and your pits will be as rosy as can be.

kosas natural deodorant
Kosas Chemistry AHA Serum Deodorant — $15.00

Instead of just covering up any body odors, Kosas’ clean deodorant aims to prevent them in the first place by helping create a pH environment where odor-causing bacteria can’t survive. The AHA blend also gently exfoliates, brightens your underarms, and helps prevent those dreaded ingrown hairs. There are two options: fragrance free or a serene clean scent.

schmidts natural deodorant sensitive skin
Schmidt's Sensitive Skin Natural Deodorant — $6.00

Stay fresh-smelling for up to 24 hours with Schmidt’s natural deodorant, which is enriched with hemp seed oil (but has no CBD or THC), magnesium to fight odors, and essential oils to give it a warm scent of citrus and patchouli. The deodorant is certified vegan and has no baking soda so it’s gentle on your skin but tough on B.O.

How to Use Natural Deodorant

Just like regular deodorants, natural deodorants are best applied to clean skin so it can properly absorb. More isn't always better when it comes to applying deodorants either. There are different kinds of formulations (stick, cream, wipes), both with and without scents, so you have options depending on what you prefer. One thing to note, however, is that unlike anti-perspirant, which blocks your pores and prevent you from sweating, deodorant only cover up odors. And despite what your nose tell you after an intense cardio session, sweat itself doesn't smell; bacteria that's on your skin when mixed with sweat is what causes those stinky pits. When you switch to a natural deodorant, you're detoxing your body from the aluminum that's usually in anti-perspirants, which may cause you to smell just as much or maybe more than before for a few weeks. Once your body resets, you'll continue to sweat—which is good and natural—but without any accompanying stench.

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