The 11 Best Food and Drink Launches of 2020 You May Have Missed

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Last year was a ride, to say the least. But even a global pandemic couldn't stop the launches of some amazing new food and drink products that have Well+Good staffers tapping that "add to cart" button over and over again.

Between beverages with functional ingredients that help with stress (something everyone can use right about now), chickpea crust pizza that doesn't fall apart the second you take a bite, and ice cream so good you won't believe it's vegan, these are the 11 new foods and drinks we became completely and utterly obsessed with this year. And, chances are, they'll quickly become your favorites, too.

The best food and drink launches of 2020

1. Banza Chickpea Pizza, $50 for 4 boxes

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Photo: Banza

Even if you're not a big fan of alt-pizza, Jessie Van Amburg, Well+Good's senior food and health editor, says to still give this one a chance. "I'm famous among my friends for my hatred of cauliflower pizza—I know, I know, I’m a bad health food editor— and usually prefer to just eat the 'real deal' rather than substitutes when possible and available. But Banza’s Chickpea Pizza crust is just so damn good that I'll happily eat it at literally any meal," she says.

According to Van Amburg, the crust holds together beautifully, looks and tastes close to a flour-based version, and there are multiple different flavor and topping options to choose from—Margherita, four cheese, roasted veggie, and plain crust. "They've been a staple in my freezer since they launched in October," she says.

Shop now: Banza Chickpea Pizza, $50 for 4 boxes

2. Acid League Mango Jalapeño Vinegar, $15

Photo: Acid League

You can't go wrong with a product that tastes just as good as it looks on your kitchen countertop. "Literally everything this company makes is stunningly beautiful and delicious," says Van Amburg. "Acid League launched with gourmet 'living' vinegars, aka ones that preserve the probiotic benefits, in August, and has quickly expanded to make jams, sauces, and now non-alcoholic wine—all with incredibly creative flavor profiles that will make everything you eat taste better. I'm partial to the mango jalapeño vinegar—it’s great on slaw, particularly as part of Lesley Téllez’s chicken tostadas."

Shop now: Acid League Mango Jalapeño Vinegar, $15

3. JUST Egg Folded, $5

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Photo: JUST

The second I tried JUST Egg ($5), I was in love. But I've gotta say... the Folded version that hit grocery stores this year is nothing short of a plant-based meal game-changer. It's the perfect fluffy addition to your breakfast sandwiches, can be chopped up and added into fried rice, or even cooled and tossed on top of your salad. And the best part? All you need to do is pop it in the toaster or microwave to cook it.  You're also getting 7 grams of protein from mung beans per serving.

Shop now: JUST Egg Folded, $5

4. Táche Pistachio Milk, $43 for 6

Photo: Táche

Even if you think you've tried it all when it comes to alt-milk, the unique pistachio version is worth adding to your line-up. "As Well+Good's food writer, I've become the team's defacto alternative milk taste tester and I thought I'd tried everything that could be milked—literally," says Emily Laurence, certified health coach and senior writer at Well+Good. "But this year's launch of Táche pistachio milk proved me wrong, and I'm so glad it did. It froths perfectly in my morning lattes and has a slightly sweet taste, almost like ice-cream. Plus, it makes my whole fridge look pretty."

Shop now: Táche Pistachio Milk, $43 for 6

5. RightRice Medley, $5

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Photo: RightRice

You may already love RightRice, the buzzy veggie- and protein-packed rice. And this year, RiceRice Medley was launched in three flavors (Harvest Pilaf, Fried Rice, and Cajun Spice), all of which are vegan, gluten-free, loaded with protein and fiber (at 8 grams and 5 grams, respectively), and ready in 12 minutes. Think of this product as a modern-day, much-healthier take on the Rice-A-Roni you grew up. They taste great, and pair flawlessly with any meal.

Shop: RightRice Medley, $15 for 3

6. Elements Functional Wellness Drinks, $42 for 12

Photo: Elements

This is one beverage you won't want to miss out on. "As our 2021 trends suggest, functional mushrooms are going to be huge in 2021. I've been a long-time fan, so was super stoked when Elements launched this year," says Erin Bunch, a contributing writer to Well+Good. "Each of the flavors is formulated for a specific effect—focus, calm, vitality, and sleep. TBH, I struggle with literally all of those things, so I basically just rotate through them all day. But the sleep option has been a life-saver for this insomniac."

Shop now: Elements Functional Wellness Drinks, $42 for 12

7. Brave Robot Animal-Free Ice Cream, $58 for 4

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Photo: Brave Robot

I haven't had dairy ice cream in years, so my first taste of Brave Robot's "animal-free whey" option was shocking, to say the least. They discovered a way to replicate whey (a milk protein) with plants. Because of that, you wind up with a vegan and lactose-free ice cream product that's identical to regular ice cream in taste, texture, and appearance. So identical, in fact, that eating it truly freaked me out.  There are a ton of delicious flavors to choose from (including Buttery Pecan, Blueberry Pie, and PB 'N Fudge), none of which will disappoint.

Shop now: Brave Robot Animal-Free Ice Cream, $58 for 4

8. Daring Plant-Based Chicken, $30 for 4 packages

Photo: Daring

Daring somehow made a vegan chicken product that has the same flavor, texture, and experience as the real deal. It even pulls apart the same way a piece of chicken does. But this chicken is 100 percent plant-based and is made with minimal ingredients (just soy protein, sunflower oil, and spices), is high in protein at 14 grams per serving, and is free of cholesterol. You can also get it in four flavors: Original, Lemon & Herb, Cajun, and Original Breaded Pieces.

Shop now: Daring Plant-Based Chicken, $30 for 4 packages

9. Goodmylk Co. Super Oat Mylk Concentrate, $29 for 2

Photo: Goodmylk Co.

If you love the idea of making your own oat milk but don't have the time, this concentrate is for you. It's organic, allergen-free, oil- and chemical-free, and never processed, giving you the next best thing to blending your own batch. "Goodmylk is my hidden gem of 2020," says Ella Dove, director of creative development at Well+Good. "Gone are the days of running out of oat milk. Now, I always try and keep a few packs of Goodmylk in my freezer so I'm never destined to a black coffee morning again. It's also saved me quite a few trips to the grocery store during the lockdown."

Shop now: Goodmylk Co. Super Oat Mylk Concentrate, $29 for 2

10. Oatly Oatgurt, $2

Photo: Oatly

Speaking of oats, Oatly added Oatgurt to its line-up this year. And, just like everything else the brand puts out into the world, it's delicious. There are five flavors to choose from—Plain, Strawberry, Peach, Black Cherry, and Mixed Berry—and each of them has the perfect amount of sweetness. You also get live and active cultures (five of them, to be exact!) in every cup, giving your gut health a boost as you're enjoying your dairy-free yogurt.

Shop now: Oatly Oatgurt, $2

11. Daily Harvest Scoops, $9 a pint

Photo: Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest has moved far beyond smoothies. Now there's a long list of nutritious food you can get sent straight to your front door—ice cream, included. Allie Flinn, a contributing writer to Well+Good, had been looking for a dairy-free option she loves, and this one checked off every box. "Daily Harvest launched coconut ice cream in five flavors, including a delicious mint chocolate chip," she says. "The blend of peppermint extract and 100 percent dark chocolate chunks is both refreshing and decadent, and makes me nostalgic for the days when the most dramatic thing in my life was arguing with my sister over who got to marry Joey Fatone."

Shop now: Daily Harvest Scoops, $9 a pint

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