8 Non-Alcoholic Options for Holiday and NYE Entertaining

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Whatever your reason for skipping on the booze this holiday season, whether you're finally admitting you dislike the taste of alcohol or you're just looking to cut down on your intake, you can still have fun while ringing in the new year. Thanks to a wave of innovative breweries and distilleries—which have become more inclusive of alcohol-free drinkers—there are non-alcoholic options that bring just as much enjoyment as the real thing. And if you've looked to Google for some choices, you've probably come across alcohol-free drinks with adaptogen infusions of reishi mushroom and L-theanine that offer a feel-good sip.

Whether you're looking for an option that's reminiscent of a distilled spirit or a little non-alcoholic cocktail action, you'll find no shortage of booze-free drinks and citrusy spirits stowed on the shelves of brick-and-mortar and online liquor stores. Host or not, we rounded up the best non-alcoholic options that'll entertain you and your guests. Trust us, you'll want all of these stocked on your bar cart.

The best non-alcoholic options to ring in the holiday and new year

photo of alcohol-free bourbon and glass
Free Spirits, The Spirit of Bourbon — $37.00

Known for producing some of the tastiest non-alcoholic tequila, whiskey, and gin, Free Spirits is what you’ll want stocked on your bar cart this holiday season. This Bourbon was distilled with natural ingredients that give each sip its oaky-caramel and brown sugar flavor. Grab a pretty glass and fun-shaped ice to enjoy it to the fullest extent.

three cans of ghia spritz
Ghia, Le Spritz (Pack of 12) — $60.00

Take conversations from night to sunrise with Ghia’s Le Spritz. This pack of 12 features Ghia’s best-selling flavors of ginger, lime and salt, and yuzu. Lightweight and portable, each can is infused with a blend of citrus and botanicals, so good, you’ll savor each sip all night long.

photo of a can of little saints spritz
Little Saints, Negroni Spritz (Pack of 8) — $50.00

You can’t go wrong with a mocktail, and this one is plant-based. Made with carbonated water, monk fruit, reishi mushroom extract, and CBD extracts, this spritz melds bubbles, a tiny-but-not-too-overbearing-bit of bitterness, and orange for a chill and mellow night.

a bottle of ariel cabernet sauvignon
Ariel, Cabernet Sauvignon (Pack of 6) — $80.00

If wine is more your style, Ariel makes a mean cabernet sauvignon minus the alcohol. Made in a sustainable winery in Paso Robles, this cabernet offers aromas of cherry, blueberries, chocolate, and black currants. The flavors make it ideal for pairing with your favorite pizza, perfect for a NYE night in.

three dei soi drinks
De Soi, Can Variety Pack (Pack of 12) — $70.00

If you’re looking for spritzes that look just as good as they taste, look no further than De Soi. This trio stars the brand’s iconic flavors: Golden Hour, Champignon Dreams, and Purple Lane (triple the fun). Each spritz is mindfully crafted with botanicals like yuzu, lemongrass, and rosemary with infusions of adaptogens like L-theanine, reishi mushroom, and ashwagandha, so you can feel good with each pour.

clear bottle of seedlip
Seedlip, Spice 94 — $32.00

The fellow bartender in you can whip up delicious cocktails with Seedlip’s Spice 94. The concoction of green cardamon, cascarilla, grapefruit, and lemon offers an oaky and earthy flavor with notes of citrus at the tip of your tongue. Each bottle makes between 12 and 14 cocktails, enough for you and all of your guests to welcome the new year’s festivities.

bottle of kin euphorics
Kin Euphorics, Dream Light — $28.00

For a feel-good drink, you can toast with Dream Light by Kin Euphorics. Distilled with a blend of botanics like clove, ginger, and cinnamon and a drop of melatonin (0.25 milligrams to be exact), this beverage transports you to dreamland (quite literally). It’s also infused with adaptogens like reishi mushroom to induce a sense of calm.

a clear bottle of lyres agave blanco spirit
Lyre's, Agave Blanco Spirit — $36.00

Your bottle of agave is no longer served with a side of headaches thanks to this de-alcoholized version. The flavor profile of this agave analog is citrusy with kicks of pepper that bounce right off the tongue. Distilled with agave syrup, this spirit is designed to mimic the flavor profile of agave. Pair it with lime juice and salt your glass for an agave margarita. Trust us, it tastes just like the real thing.

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