4 of the Best Non-Clumpy Mascaras That Are Like ‘Boyfriend Jeans’ for Your Lashes

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When we talk about the finished effect that we all want for our lashes, the reigning philosophy is "more is more." Just look at the skyscraper-high promises on tubes of mascara and the boom of eyelash extensions as proof. However, if you're a fringe minimalist who just wants to slightly darken your lash line, you've finally got something to be excited about: Inky, barely-there formulas are here to end your search for the best non clumpy mascara.

I'm calling these the "boyfriend jeans of mascaras." Like a good pair of worn-in denim, these mascaras from brands like Glossier, Serge Lutens, and Saie Beauty wear like a dream, and feel cool without being overly stuffy or done. "I consider this [mascara look] for a cool-girl who just isn't trying too hard," says Laney Crowell, founder and CEO of Saie. "You can layer these and build them up, which is something you can't do with other mascaras because they can get really clumpy."

At the same time that you're getting subtle volume, you're also getting a better-for-lashes formula with ingredients such as vitamin E and biotin. So, basically, the skin-care-meets-makeup movement has come for your lashes, and we are here for it. Keep scrolling to get one for your makeup bag.

Glossier Lash Slick, $16

minimalist mascara
Photo: Glossier

The Glossier mascara has the tiniest combs on its wand, which works to coat every single eyelash hair for a fanned-out look. The brand dubs it a "baby extension" for your lashes, and I notice that I get a really slight curl when I use it.

Saie Mascara 101, $24

minimalist mascara
Photo: Saie Beauty

For a light, feathery, fluff up of your lashes, the Saie mascara is for you. It's formulated with shea butter and minerals that deliver nutrients to your lash strands as it spreads them out for pretty definition.

Serge Lutens Mascara, $65

minimalist mascara
Photo: Serge Lutens

Look wide awake in five seconds flat with this mascara, which wraps every lash in a glossy stain. With vitamin E in its formula, your lashes will feel soft as they're ever-so-subtly darkened.

Perricone MD No Mascara Mascara, $30

minimalist mascara
Photo: Perricone MD

Listen to the name: Perricone MD has created a mascara that gives you precise, subtle definition for a your-lashes-but-better look. It also functions as a lash conditioning treatment, since it's spiked with neuropeptides (which strengthen your hair) and biotin (which nourishes it).

BTW, you can also try out a lash lift for more defined lashes—here's what that treatment entails:

You could also turn to a trusty drugstore mascara, which is always a good option. And here are all the ways you can make your eyelashes look longer.

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