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7 Totally Gorgeous Yoga Mats

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Is patterned the new purple? An arty era of yoga-mat-makers is ditching solid colors and getting super creative with mat design. Here are some of the prettiest.

Patterned Yoga Mats "Non-slip," "high-performance," "extra thick," "extra light." We've heard it all before. Yoga-mat-makers are constantly innovating when it comes to creating functional mats that help you flow through sun salutations seamlessly.

And while that's obviously the most important thing, what about a yoga mat that's as easy on the eyes as it is on your hands and feet?

Lately, more and more companies are ditching solid colors and getting creative with mat design. Shall we say, patterned is the new purple? (FYI, Printing on mats can affect the mat quality in some cases.)

Here are seven patterned and graphic print yoga mats that will look super cute under your arm as you dart to and from the studio and that you'll love looking at in downward dog (I mean, while focusing on your navel!). —Jamie McKillop

(Photo: Magic Carpet Yoga)


Magic Carpet Yoga 1Magic Carpet Yoga Mats New Traditional Mat

Magic Carpet's yoga mats are hand painted and sustainably printed. Plus, they're all totally gorgeous, especially this one that borrow from a classic rug pattern and looks like it belongs in a coastal California arts-and-crafts home. (Not to mention Aladdin is so hot on Broadway right now.), $98

(Photo: Magic Carpet Yoga)


Gaiam PrintedGaiam Sol Dry Grip Yoga Mat

Gaiam's mats don't often compete with premium products from companies like Manduka and Jade, but this one blew us away in terms of grip, quality, and comfort. And the black and Chinoiserie-inspired pattern is sleek and subtle—perfect for a New Yorker., $70

(Photo: Gaiam)


La Vie BohemeLa Vie Boheme Yoga Spiritual Yoga Mat

Founded by two bohemian, fashion-loving, Southern California women, La Vie Boheme is the yoga mat world's version of Free People. This one was designed with a Native American/American Southwest aesthetic and has a Rumi quote etched across the top for mid-practice inspiration., $84

(Photo: La Vie Boheme)


AffirmatsAffirmat I Am Love Yoga Mat

Affirmats offer up positive affirmations to inspire your practice at the top of your mat—such as "I am healthy, I am wealthy, I am love." The mantra-obsessed brand is also eco-friendly, so you can practice yogic principles when you purchase it, too., $70

(Photo: Affirmat)


YogaThe Grey Area Andrew Kuo and Eric Cahan Yoga Mats

Last year, yoga culture infiltrated the champagne-and-cigarette haze that is Art Basel with design group Grey Area’s debut of seven eco-friendly yoga mats at the event, each created by a different hot contemporary artist. Unlike the cigarette cloud, the unique mats aren't out of fashion, like this one with a cat in cobra pose and another depicting sky and clouds., $80 each


Plank The Pills YogaPlank The Pills Yoga Mat

Plank's The Pills tongue-in-cheek yoga mat shows a bottle of pills scattered across a bathroom floor, and the company says it's "for those who thank yoga for allowing them to toss their meds aside or for those who can’t chuck their meds out just yet and yoga is a back-up plan." Either way, the mat is pretty clever and fun. No joke., $85


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