5 Products Well+Good Readers Swear by for Bringing Dry Hair Back to Life

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My hair has been parched lately. Between the soul-sucking heat from the office radiators to the frigid wind outside, it's as if I'm testing my hair's limits in just how much it can endure before it all breaks off. But, thankfully, the Well+Good readers in our Beauty Geek Facebook group are saving the day with their product recommendations that revive dry, cracked strands.

In a recent post, someone (hi Zoë!) asked for the best products for dry hair repair—and our readers delivered. Since I haven't heard anyone around me talk about how moisturized and soft their strands feel right now (hey, it's winter you guys), I'd say it's the perfect time to share our beauty geeks' savvy product recommendations. From a hair butter to luxe oil options to full-on treatments, here are the five best products for dry hair to get into your shower, stat. And don't forget to join Beauty Geek to peep all kinds of beauty intel, and share some hair-saving faves of your own.

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1. IGK Expensive Amla Oil Hi-Shine Topcoat, $29

Though this is technically a gloss, you can use it in all kinds of different ways. One of our readers says that she mixes it with a styling product as a leave-in "to refresh dry ends in between washes." Or you can put it all over your strands when you wash. Either way, the blend of strengthening amla oil, protecting sea kelp extract, and sunflower seed oil will make your hair silky-soft again.


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2. Olaplex No.6 Bond Smoother Reparative Styling Creme, $28

No matter what texture or hair type you have, the Olaplex No.6 works to revive winter-savaged strands with the brand's signature hair-strengthening complex, coconut oil, and vitamin E. Bonus points for not only repairing dryness but also smoothing frizz.

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3. Maui Moisture Nourish Oil, $7

One of our readers swears by this drugstore find, which feels like a tropical vacation in your hair whenever you apply it. The oil is in a mist, which makes it easy to spritz wherever you need it, and uses hydrating coconut milk, oils, and fruit extracts (like mango butter) to repair winter hair.

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4. Davines Oi Hair Butter, $44

This butter feels like a treat on damaged strands. It's really thick and creamy, and filled with vitamins and minerals (from ingredients like Roucou seeds and apricot butter) that instantly plump your hair when you use it as a pre-shampoo treatment.

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5. Virtue Labs Recovery Shampoo, $38

Restore damaged hair with this superstar shampoo, which uses actual keratin protein (and vitamin C plus plant oils and quinoa) to repair cracks in your strands with each wash. "My hair has never looked or felt prettier," writes one Well+Good reader.

BTW, here's how often you should wash your hair, based on your hair type. And these are the best greasy hair remedies to turn to if you've got slick strands. 

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