The Most Surprising Items Wellness Influencers Stocked in Their Fridges This Year

Photo: Stocksy/Kkgas
One of the most common questions celebs and wellness influencers get asked is, But what do you eat?!

Maybe because people want to know which condiments Top Chef judge Gail Simmons is into or whether Food Network star Marcela Valladolid has a pint of Ben & Jerry's stashed in her freezer. (Answer: yes.)

It's human nature to be a bit nosy—and fortunately, there's no shame in the Refrigerator Look Book game.

Curious? Here are 10 of the most interesting refrigerators Well+Good was invited to check out in 2016.

chef Marcela Valladolid

1. Marcela Valladolid

Bonus: The Food Network star has a brilliant way to keep herbs fresh.

Photo: Abel James

2. Abel James

The "Fat-Burning Man" thinks outside of the, er, crisper when it comes to storing veggies.

Photo: Gail Simmons

3. Gail Simmons

Talk about #goals: The Top Chef judge has a whole shelf devoted to fermented foods.


4. Ross Mathews

One thing you'll always find in the TV personality's fridge? A big batch of homemade soup. (The types he makes will inspire you to whip up your own bowl.)


5. Alissa Wagner

The Dimes chef lets us in on the brilliant mix-in she blends with her yogurt.


6. Cynthia Rowley

The designer has come up with a genius hack for getting her family to eat more healthy snacks.


7. Rob Sulaver

You'll be surprised at the veggie this protein-loving trainer is obsessed with.


8. Christina Tosi

Ever wonder how a pastry chef balances out a day of taste-testing treats? The brilliant mind behind Milk Bar let's us in on her secret.


9. Jenna Wolfe

Fun fact: The fitness correspondent aims to eat 425 calories of fruit a day.

richard blais

10. Richard Blais

Green juice isn't just for sipping—the professional chef uses fruit and veggie blends in genius new ways.

Wondering what you'll see in celebs' fridges in 2017? These five healthy food trends are bound to take off big time. And if you spend a good hour waiting in line at Whole Foods every week, that may be about to change—Amazon is opening a supermarket free of checkout lines.

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