8 Rollerball Fragrances That Make Wearing Scent Super Subtle

Photo: Stocksy/Oleksii Syrotkin
As a newfound fragrance convert (thank you, Dedcool Taunt!), I've become somewhat of a perfume aficionado, and nothing makes it easier to lightly scent my wrists than a rollerball perfume.

"Rollerballs have been trending for quite a while now," says Merrady Wickes, beauty director at The Detox Market. "The idea of having one signature fragrance you wear forever has slowly been replaced by having a variety of fragrances to suit the season, your mood, or a specific occasion. Rollerballs work for this mindset, allowing someone to have a few fragrances in rotation, or even to layer their favorites."

They also keep fragrance contained to a small area, versus feeling as though you're dousing yourself in scent with just a few spritzes. Plus, many times they're oil-based, so they meld into skin and disappear naturally versus clinging on all day. This makes the ritual of reapplication a reminder to slow down and take care of yourself. Really, they serve as a mark of self-care and how you can add it into your day in little ways. "As your fragrance fades, you can apply a little more," says Wickes. Oh, and the best part of all: Fragrance rollerballs are less costly than perfume bottles of the stuff, so knock yourself out and start a smell-so-good fragrance wardrobe. Here, some of our favorites you can buy right now.

Photo: Leahlani

Leahlani Skincare Mahana Perfume Oil, $28

Wickes recommended this one to me, and I agree—it's "liquid sunshine." The blend, which hails from Hawaii, is a sweet mix of vanilla bean and coconut without being too Pina Colada-y.

Photo: Burberry

Burberry Her Eau de Parfum Rollerball, $30

As soon as I caught a whiff of this scent, I was entranced. It's really sweet, with notes of berries and jasmine, but has a base of amber and musk for more of an intoxicating fragrance that smells incredible and feminine.

Photo: Maison Louis Marie

Maison Louis Marie No.04 Bois de Balincourt Perfume Oil, $57

Earthy fragrance fans, this one's for you: The luxe French fragrance brand, Maison Louis Marie, concocted the most gorgeous woodsy perfume filled with sandalwood, vetiver, and amber wood, and makes you smell like you just spent time at the chicest campfire ever.

Photo: Amazing Grace

Philosophy Amazing Grace Rollerball, $21

My colleague and fellow beauty editor Zöe loves this scent that she describes as heavenly. "It's clean without being crisp or fruity, and inhaling it reminds me of laying on the grass on a sunny spring day in my favorite just-washed white t-shirt," she says.

Photo: DedCool

DedCool Roll-On 01 Taunt, $45

You know I had to include this one—it's my favorite scent of all time, in portable form. Taunt has amber and vanilla mixed with what the brand calls "fresh dew" notes along with bergamot for a scent that hits all the notes.

Photo: Henry Rose

Henry Rose Jake's House, $50

Lots of celebrities have their own fragrances—that's not new. But Michelle Pfeiffer launched Henry Rose this year in order to give people pretty fragrances without all of the hidden nasty ingredients that can sometimes come with certain fragrances. My fave of her line? Jake's House, which is a really clean scent with honey, musk, and neroli notes.

Photo: Skylar

Skylar Capri Rollie, $29

If you want to feel like you're chilling on a beach drinking an Aperol spritz in Capri, Italy, this can kind of help transport you there. The citrus scent perks you right up with its grapefruit and bergamot fragrance that is like sunshine in a perfume bottle.

Photo: Osmia Organics

Osmia Cedar Smoke Perfume Oil, $75

A dab of this stuff evokes a dark, sexy forest. Wickes recommends it for being a "woody, smoky scent." The oil is a blend of white cedar, frankincense, fir, and other sappy notes that makes for a rich, unisex perfume you'll want to inhale deeply for a metaphorical forest bath.

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