Transform Holiday Travel With These 8 Highly Rated Rolling Suitcases on Amazon

Photo: Stocksy/Marija Mandic

Traveling can be stressful. Once you get to your destination, you might very well Zen out at the spa or snap some #goalworthy pics on a rejuvenating hike, but the journey itself is often rough (long security lines, ugh)—especially during the holidays. Enter: the right travel bag.

Your weekender bag is chic, but it's not doing your back any favors. Rather, the solution can be found in a rolling suitcase, which can help ease your physical aches and pains (and, hopefully by osmosis, the emotional ones associated with travel). Luckily, like with bedsheets and towels, Amazon customers have tons of opinions regarding which are best to buy.

And, hey, if you combine your rolling luggage with the travel gadgets you have and the flight hacks you know, maybe you'll actually be excited for your upcoming travel plans. Maybe….

See 8 of the greatest (rolling) hits of Amazon's luggage selection below.

And for the flight itself, here are tips for staying hydrated during the trip and how to stay healthy on a flight, according to flight attendants

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