This Is the Best Running Gear To Upgrade Your Uniform

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For many, running has become the go-to form of exercise during social distancing. And with good reason: It's a great way to move around outside, you can do it by yourself, and all you need to do it is two legs and a little motivation. Whether you're new to running or haven't gotten new running sneakers since last spring, it might be time to invest in some new gear.

Luckily, between expert intel and a number of runners we have on staff, we know a thing or two about the best running gear. From hats to keep the sun out of your eyes to shoes that make the pavement your best friend, here's what to wear on your next run.

The best running gear to wear from head to toe


Best hats for running

Though feeling the sun on your (sunscreen-protected) skin is one of the many benefits of running outside, you don't want it shinning in your eyes. Running with a pair of traditional sun glasses on isn't practical, and the ones designed for sports aren't the cutest. Your best bet is finding a cute, sweat-wicking cap, like this Athleta Stealth Camo Training Hat ($38)  that one of our writers says was one of many hats to make her runs more enjoyable.

Best wireless headphones for running

Best wireless headphones

When buying a pair of headphones, there are a lot of things to consider: how much you're willing to spend, how long of a battery life you need—the list goes on. While listening to music is a good way to pass the time, listening to the right music can also improve athletic performance. After testing many different pairs, one of our writers found that the Jaybird Vista ($180) wireless headphones were her favorite.


Best sports bra for running

The bra you slip into (read: claw your way into because changing in and out of a sports bra should count as a workout) can make or break your run. You want to find a sports bra that's comfortable, but also keeps your boobs in check. The Nike Swoosh ($50) bra takes the cake as the best sports bra for running. Not only is it supportive, but it also has six hidden pockets for any and everything you might need during your run.

Best reflective gear for running

Best reflective gear

If you're a fan of night runs, not getting it by a car is likely top of mind. Reflective gear isn't just for construction workers and school crossing guards. There are tons of super cute and functional options fo reflective workout clothes. We love this Nike Running Vest ($25) but there are tons of other reflective activewear options.

Best anti-chafe shorts for running

Best anti-chafe running shorts

The last thing you want is for chafing to cut your runs short. Luckily there are shorts to prevent that, like these Outdoor Voices Relay Shorts ($45). Two of our editors wore matching pairs during a 10k in New York City's Central Park, and say these were amazing. But, they also have a few other faves.

Best socks for running

Best socks

We've all been there—you're 10 steps into your run, and your sock is suddenly around the arch of your foot. It's like it didn't even try to stay put. For socks that don't tap out mid workout, you'll want a pair that grips to your foot, like these ASICS Nimbus Single Tab ($10).


Best running shoes

Finding the right running shoes takes time. Heck, it took one writer four years. For her, the Adidas Ultraboost ($162) got her through her first three marathons, but the right shoe is different for everyone. But, no matter what, rest assured that the shoe for you is out there, you just have to do some digging.

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