7 Major Brands Told Us Their Best-Selling Leggings and the List Is Way More Satisfying Than Today’s Oscar Noms

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Science says what you wear can influence your behavior, a claim to which every person who's ever, you know, gotten dressed for a date, an interview, or a hip-hop dance class, responds "duh."

Personally, I spend more time trying on slouchy-sexy-cool outfits before a dance class than I do actually learning how to dance. When I get it right, I feel like Beyoncé. When I don't, I feel like a middle-aged lady who takes class once a month trying to hold her own with real dancers young enough to be her daughter. Which is what I am. But I digress...

Following this logic—that an outfit which makes you feel most like a badass may help you behave most like a badass, too—I've wondered if the same might be true for wearing something that's the *best,* too. Will buying the best enable you to become the best?

With this half-baked theory in mind, I've scouted the best-selling leggings from (what else?) seven of the best athletic wear brands around. If one of these magically transforms you into Serena Williams, I get 10 percent (JK). If they don't, well, you've still got some damn good outfitting happening north of your ankles.

Keep reading to shop the best of the best in leggings, 2019.

best selling leggings
Photo: Athleta

Athleta Salutation Stash Pocket Tight in Powervita, $89

This soft, high-rise yoga pant features something called a CoolMax crotch gusset (giggle, giggle), AKA a lining which allows your vag to take in some air as you workout. All I'm going to say about that is yes. It comes in a wide range of sizes and colorways and additionally boasts barely-there pockets for stashing keys and cards or just looking cool.

best selling leggings
Photo: Lululemon

Lululemon The Align Pant, $98

This super-soft legging—which comes in 16 different colorways—is optimized for yoga wear, but I prefer to test mine out in the bedroom. You can be "the best" at sleep, right?

best selling leggings
Photo: Reebok

Reebok Lux Legging, $55

Sometimes I'm partial to basic black leggings because I don't like to be super conspicuous when I'm dropping out of plank or otherwise cheating a tough workout (AKA, being not the best). Also, I like to throw them on with a sweater to do basically everything else in my life—run errands, brunch with friends, go on second dates with guys I know I'm not into because my biological clock is deafening, etc. This is the perfect pair for these and all other purposes—comfortable, durable, affordable, and cute to boot.

best selling leggings
Photo: Alala

Alala Mirage Tight, $125

Ditto here regarding all black everything, but this flare-ified, bestselling Mirage Tight allows for some blending at the barre without being a total bore. And, it has pockets! If you're like me and hate bringing anything into class but your keys and maybe a credit card, you know how clutch this detail can be.

best selling leggings
Photo: Adidas

Adidas Warp Knit High-Rise 7/8 Tights, $70

Even 1,000 crunches a day couldn't make me feel as sexy as a high-waisted legging (I assume, but will absolutely never know for certain). This pant is of the wear-everyday variety, with a comfy fit, understated mesh panel accent, and black colorway option. For spring, I'm kinda into the more jazz hands-y green version, though.

best selling leggings
Photo: Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga Spacedye Caught in the Midi High-Waist Legging, $97

This is another high-waisted staple pant. Its titular spacedye adds a little something in terms of style, and there are enough hues available to take you through winter to spring and summer into fall and back.

best selling leggings
Photo: Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty Power Leggings, $100

If you're a ClassPass gal who likes to vary her sweat sessions—alternating between spinning, HIIT, boxing, strip hop, and whatever—this might be the legging for you. It's built to accommodate a range of workouts and make you look good in the process via strategically-placed seams. The newest version of this style has a side pocket for ultra-cool phone placement en route to the juice shop after.

Feeling frozen this winter? Try the leggings equivalent of a sweater to keep your gams in the game. Plus, ever wondered why you love leggings so much? One fashion editor has the answer

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