These Are the Best-Selling Whole Foods Products on Amazon Right Now

Photo: Abby Maker for Well+Good
The Amazon-Whole Foods deal has had some pretty amazing fringe benefits—including discounts on avocados and kale. One of the major perks is being able to buy the retailer's 365 products on Amazon for the first time. And according to the Wall Street Journal, it's something plenty of people are taking advantage of.

According to sales stats, the online retailer sold $1.6 million worth of Whole Foods branded products in the first month alone. A whopping $500,000 of that happened in the very first week. Now the big question: What exactly are people buying?

It turns out that the top-selling 365 products are deli turkey and coconut water. The most popular overall category is snacks and candy, making up 19 percent of all sales. (In other words, you aren't the only one hit with a case of the munchies at 4 p.m.) And frozen fruits and veggies come in second as the biggest revenue-driver.

As far as the Whole Foods products people aren't adding to their virtual shopping basket: Condiments and beauty products rank last. Maybe everyone is buying their clean beauty goods at another online retailer instead?

The bottom line is the merger seems to be paying off for both brands, big time. And hey, having healthy pumpkin spice granola just a click away is a win everyone can benefit from.

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