Sex Pillows *Literally* Give You More Cushion for the Pushin’—Here Are the Best Ones To Try

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John Mayer once sang, "I'll never let your head hit the bed without my hand behind it," sending prepubescent girls (aka, me) into a sweaty, horny fever. Fifteen years later, I have a question for you, John: What about my other body parts? You only have two hands, so when you're gently cradling my head and looking deep into my eyes in the midst of lovemaking, how are my other, arguably sexier body parts being supported and pleasured?! Enter, sex pillows, which might just blow John Mayer's mind.

Whether your head, hips, or hamstrings need a little lovin' in the bedroom, these coquettish cushions will do the trick.

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What are sex pillows?

Unlike your regular ol' down pillow, sex pillows are designed to give you more cushion for the pushin'. Taylor Sparks, an erotic educator and founder of the organic intimacy shop, Organic Loven, explains that they're usually made of thicker materials and designed in different angles and heights so that you can elevate parts of your body (hips, legs, chest) for more comfortable or deeper sexual positions. "Your standard bed pillow is designed to only hold the weight of your head, not your ass and his/her ass and ‘Karen’s’ ass too!" Sparks says. "Sex pillows gives the giver (top) the opportunity to do more with their hands in ways of pleasing the receiver (bottom) because they no longer have to focus on holding or supporting their partners legs or ass."

Especially for those who struggle with mobility, these pleasurable pillows can be a game-changer in the sack. "I have clients who don't have the use of the lower half of their bodies, preventing them from ‘pushing back’ against their lovers during sex or the ability to hold their hips up to receive," Sparks says. " The use of the Liberator's sex pillows give them the angles and comfort to be able to enjoy deep penetrative sex or oral sex in a manner that is comfortable for them."

Elevating the hips during Missionary, giving the neck some support during 69, splaying the knees whilst spooning—the possibilities for these sexy accessories are virtually endless. "Doggy becomes 'Delicious Doggy' because the hips are prone high up and the head's face down as the pillow maintains this comfortable position... and we don’t have to worry about ending up flat on the bed and constantly repositioning ourselves," she says. "The Cowgirl and Reverse Cowgirl takes on new heights as your partner’s hips are now angled up making the ‘ride’ easier on the hips and knees of the rider."  We could only imagine what John Mayer would do if he had a sex pillow while writing "Your Body Is a Wonderland." But our wildest fantasies can become reality with the help of these orgasmic bolsters. Scroll to shop the best ones below.

Can you use a regular pillow for sex?

"If you aren't sure if a sex position pillow is worth the investment, you can experiment by using some regular pillows," says Isabelle Uren, a Certified Sex Expert. "Just bear in mind that a purpose made sex position pillow is going to a whole lot better due to the higher density adding more support."

Regardless if you're using a regular or sex pillow, they're going to into contact with a lot of bodily fluids, so it's important to keep them clean. "Look for a sex pillow with a removable, machine washable cover," says Uren. And importantly, don't be afraid to get creative and have fun!

The best sex pillows for more comfortable, accessible sex

Kӧlbs, Bed Wedge Pillow — $42.00

Now, this pillow is advertised for aiding with heartburn and sleep apnea, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative. The sprawling wedge shape of this thing is perfect for sore backs and necks that are craving some TLC come sexy time. Or, shove it under your butt to get those hips high and knees spread—don’t be afraid to use your imagination.

Liberator, Jaz — $85.00

Originally $100, now $85

True to its name, Liberator’s Jaz pillow is ideal for jazzing things up with your partner. Sparks loves it for all sorts of positions, solo or together. Plus, it comes in six elegant microsuedes that match any decor and are simple enough to leave out on the bed without screaming “I’M A SEX PILLOW.”


Dominix, Deluxe Sex Position Wedge — $85.00

This stunning sex pillow belongs in everyone’s bedroom (or living room, wherever you get down and dirty). Lie on the large, elevated wedge to lift your hips for deeper, more precise penetration that doesn’t kill your lower back. The velvety exterior reduces slippage plus there are two loops for adding your favorite handcuffs or just hanging on.

liberator wedge ramp combo on a grey background
Liberator, Wedge Ramp Combo — $238.00

Originally $280, now $238

Splurging has never been so sexy. This wedge/ramp combo blends the best of both worlds for an orgasmic experience no matter how you use it. Some ideas: longer, more comfortable oral, minus the sore neck. Elevated access from behind without killing your knees. Higher hips during missionary. It’s available in three different sizes and five colors, so you’re sure to find your perfect match.

liberator bon bon pillow, one of the best sex pillows, in pink
Liberator BonBon Pillow — $93.00

Originally $110, now $93

The Liberator BonBon is a versatile sex pillow that can be used with a partner or solo, depending on your mood. “It has a pocket to hold your favorite dildo or vibrator, so you can ride your toys hands-free. Not only does this leave your hands free for other fun, but many people find that rocking their hips intensifies their pleasure,” says Uren.

liberator toy mount sex pillow in gray
Liberator, Humphrey Toy Mount Sex Pillow — $136.00

Originally $160, now $136

This Liberator sex pillow features a plush, supportive core that can comfortably support two bodies, or be used alone for solo play. The built-in toy mount can hold dildos, wands, bullets, and vibrators of all shapes and sizes (with or without a flared base) for hands-free sexy time. Even better, the microfiber case is non-slip and can easily be removed and cleaned in your washing machine.

heart sex pillow in red on a white background
Liberator, Heart Wedge Sex Pillow — $105.00

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, this heart-shaped sex pillow by Liberator is bound to spice things up in the bedroom. The wedged design props hips at the optimal angle allowing for deeper penetration and g-spot stimulation during penetrative sex. Plus, it’s covered in a soft, velvet-like material that feels good on skin. Who knows, it might even pass as a purely “decorative” pillow thanks to the cute heart shape!

Adam and Eve Inflatable Pillow
Adam and Eve, Inflatable Pillow — $13.00

Another inflatable pick, this Adam and Eve pillow supports multiple positions. It has a soft, velvety surface and grip handles if you need them during a particularly active session.

Misstu, Half Moon Pillow Toy Mount — $14.00

Get twice the action with this affordable pillow from Misstu. Your G-spot will love the way it lifts your pelvis to achieve deeper, fuller penetration from behind. But wait, there’s more! Look closely and you’ll see a little hole in the center—that’s for your toys. During solo time, shove in your favorite dildo or vibrator and enjoy the ride.

prosixtoy sex pillow in grey on a white background
Prosixtoy, Inflatable Sex Cushion — $18.00

This inflatable sex pillow has a versatile triangular shape that gives hips a lift for optimal stimulation in countless positions. What’s more, it’s covered with a velvety soft, non-slip material that wipes clean with the help of warm water. Even more convenient though, is how easy the pillow is to inflate according to reviews.

Misstu, Inflatable Bolster Roll — $14.00

Same concept, different shape. Next time you’re enjoying doggy or are laying prone, lay your hips over its soft, rounded shape. The inflatable design allows you to adjust firmness to your desire. And it’s discreet enough to pass as a body pillow when it’s not being scandalized.

Liberator, Black Label — $265.00

Whether you’re a bondage buff or are just dipping your toes into BDSM, Liberator’s Black Label pillow will show you a good time. “The Black Label line comes with easily attachable wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs and a blindfold to introduce a little light bondage to your play time,” says Sparks. “The larger ramp offers a height of 10-14 inches and is suitable for all bodies. This is large and comfortable enough for off the bed.”

liberator pulse sex toy mount in purple
Liberator, Pulse Sex Toy Mount — $95.00

The Pulse sex cushion has an ergonomic, curved design that allows it to move with your body, simulating the rocking motions of sex, solo and with a partner. It has two separate pockets that can hold vibrators and dildos separately for clitoral and penetrative stimulation at the same time. And it can even be turned upside down to give your hips or your head a lift during sex with a partner.

A sex pillow is like a yoga block, but for your sex life
Dame, Pillo — $95.00

Editor-approved Pillo is all about angles. The soft foam cushion is supportive enough to lift your body parts but still plush enough to keep you comfy when things get hot and heavy. The grabbable handles and machine washable cover definitely don’t hurt either.

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