The 9 Best Sex Toys We Tested in 2021

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There are so many, science-backed reasons why having a fulfilling sex life is beneficial—with side effects like decreased stressbetter sleep, and an immunity boost topping the list. And those perks aren’t just relegated to those with sex partners, either. Solo sex does your body good, too, and in a quest to keep you informed on all the best sex toys of 2021, it's not really surprising that we tried a lot of gadgets designed for your pleasure this year. (You can thank us later.)

For now, we've rounded up our faves, all in one place. From a beginner-friendly butt plug (in a very on-trend color, we might add) to a smaller—but not weaker—version of a classic vibrator, these are the sex toys that kept us coming back for more over the past 12 months.

9 best sex toys of 2021, according to team Well+Good

Tracy's Dog Pro 2 Clitoral Sucking Vibrator — $60.00

If you haven’t bought this top-rated vibrator, consider this your sign to do so ASAP. With reviews saying that it’s worth a second mortgage on a house and describing the orgasm as, “This time, my soul left me, and god himself said, ‘Child, it is not your time,'” this vibrator clearly incites serious passion and—as we’ve discovered ourselves—absolutely lives up to the hype.

Pepper Indulge Rabbit Vibrator — $135.00

This recently-launched vibrator from Pepper has not one, not two, but three motors, two of which are in the shaft and one in the external clitoral stimulator. The two sets of motors are controlled by two separate buttons, meaning you can choose internal stimulation, external stimulation, or both at the same time. There are five speeds and five pulse patterns for each. I have a few vibrators, but this was the one that landed at the top spot on my “Spotify wrapped,” so to speak.

Le Wand Petite — $175.00

Commerce writer Francesca Krempa says that this “small, but mighty,” vibrator does everything that the original Le Wand does, with the bonus of being easier to maneuver and to store when you’re finished. It’s also wireless, and features six heavenly vibration patterns across 10 intensity levels, ranging from slow and pulse-y to fast and furious, giving you everything you need to explore and indulge,” she adds.

Lelo Ina Wave 2 — $149.00

“The latest incarnation of the Ina Wave, Lelo’s spin on the classic rabbit shape, is a two-limbed lover, like most rabbit models. Unlike many others on the market, however, the longer leg doesn’t vibrate. Rather, instead of simply buzzing inside the vaginal canal, the long stem curls in and out like a finger making a ‘come hither’ motion, essentially mimicking digital stimulation, or vaginal fingering,” says writer Gabrielle Kassel in her review of this sex toy. She also notes that it can be used for anal penetration as well.

lelo enigma
Lelo Enigma — $189.00

This question-mark-shaped device stimulates the external third of the clitoris as well as the remaining two-thirds (and around 8,000 nerve endings) that’s internal. “Once I’m going at it? ‘wow’ is the best descriptor I can land on. The dynamic, full-service stimulation compounds pleasure nerves for one long, expansive grand finale. The sensation is unique and strong without ever becoming overwhelming,” Garis says.

Zalo Kyro Wand Massager — $129.00

Possibly the prettiest sex toy Krempa’s owned, this massager is both opulent and powerful with five different pulse options and speeds. It also comes with two silicone attachments that you can use for dual stimulation. In terms of how it stacks up to the competition in this category, Krempa puts it this way: “If the Magic Wand is Brooklyn, then the Kyro is Gossip Girl’s Upper East Side. If Magic Wand is the mall, Kyro is a luxury-laden Bergdorf Goodman’s. If Magic Wand is ice cream, then Kyro is a fresh sorbet or hand-dipped cone fresh out of a Roman gelateria.

Maude Drop — $45.00

This water-resistant mini-massager is made of platinum-grade silicone, and is designed to work as the head of a massage wand, only stemless. “When I first got Drop, I noticed it packed the same powerful blissful buzz as a high quality wand would, but with a twist. One of the more unique features of Drop is that you can roll it all over your body. Seriously, Drop is incredible for kneading into the skin, especially sore spots. Because it’s also non-porous, it pairs well with your favorite oil,” lifestyle writer Mary Grace Garis writes in her review of the product. She considers this the “classic white T-shirt of vibrators—aka great for everyday orgasms.

Smilemakers The French Lover — $60.00

Garis took the entire team of Smilemakers sex toys for a spin, but found this one—which stimulates oral sex—to be her favorite. “It’s the kind of vibe that wins by sheer unconventionality, matched with a feel that’s much-loved and familiar,” she says. It’s also straightforward to use, with one button, four speeds, and two pulsation modes.

Maude Cone — $30.00

Another new product from Maude, this butt plug is made of super-soft, medical-grade silicone, and is about as long as an average person’s ring finger—making it a solid choice for people with all levels of experience with plugs. “Ultimately, the Maude Cone is a great butt plug for anyone. Small, non-textured, and non-vibrating, it meets the requirement for a beginner plug. But at its affordable price point, it’s also a great selection for more experienced users looking to upgrade their collection with a neutral-toned toy. Trust that your other parts will be green with envy that your bum gets to enjoy this cutie-patootie plug,” writes Kassel.

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