I Tried $3,400 Worth of Sleep Technology to See If It Would *Finally* Help Me Sleep

There are many facets of a solid wellness routine—working out, eating a balanced diet, taking care of your skin—but none are more important than sleep. Getting enough shuteye (which is no less than seven to eight hours, according to the pros) is critical for every part of your body to function properly, and if you're not well rested on the reg, the results will start to show themselves everywhere from your cognitive function to your complexion.

But there's one problem: I have always been really, really crappy sleeper. My usual bedtime routine consists of scrolling through Bumble matches until 1 a.m. while The Office blares in the background, tossing and turning for a few hours, then lying awake drenched in sweat until my 5:30 a.m. alarm goes off. Considering research has shown that functioning on less than seven hours of sleep can have the same effect on your brain as too much booze, it's no wonder I show up to work and pitch stories like: "How to masturbate your way to glowing skin."

The good news? Sleep technology is launching left and right to help the world get more winks. In the latest episode of Zoe Tries It All, I put some of latest and greatest offerings to the test to see if I could hack my routine as I hit the sack. I tried out a set of Casper Glow Lights ($299) that dim and brighten along with my circadian rhythm (aka mimic the sunlight), a "smart mattress" from Eight Sleep ($2,395) that prevents those aforementioned night sweats, and the Muse S Meditation Headband ($350) that tunes into and tracks my brainwaves using something called electroencephalography. All of this fancy—and admittedly expensive—technology is designed to help you fall asleep more easily, stay asleep throughout the night, and wake up more rested.

To see if any of it lived up to the hype, I used each device for a month, and tracked my sleep stats using the Oura Ring ($399), which I can say with full confidence that I love more than any future engagement ring I will receive (sorry, future hubs). To find out what worked and what to skip, press play on the video above. Because, as they say, ya snooze ya lose.

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