We’ve Reached Peak Spritz—Here, 7 Sparkling Bevvies That Bring Flavor and Bubbles Without Excess Booze-Slash-Sugar

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As they say, wisdom comes with age—which is apparent when reflecting on how my drinking preferences have changed over the years. For context, 21(ish)-year-old me would take down a Solo cup full of fluorescent “juice” that was poured from a very questionable neon orange beverage cooler without batting an eyelid. 30-year-old me would never… at least not in most cases.

Of course, I grew up during a time when the selection of canned beverages was limited to Four Lokos or your typical assortment of lukewarm beers. That’s to say, there wasn’t much that I wanted to pick from, much less drink. Nowadays, the canned alcoholic beverage industry looks a lot different. In fact, it’s booming, which has paved the way for tons of glowed-up boozy canned beverages to emerge in the market.

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While there are so many options to choose from, today, we’re honing in on some of our favorite no sugar added, low-ABV canned beverages that are far more in tune with my “wiser-with-age” drinking choices as I embark on my sober-curious era.

5 best no sugar added, low-ABV canned alcoholic beverages

1. Saint Spritz

Can’t escape the slew of social media posts highlighting everyone's luxe European vacations this summer? Same. Although a romantic getaway to the Amalfi Coast wasn’t in the books for many of us this season, Saint Spritz’s Aperol spritz-inspired drink is brings a taste of Italy to your own cozy lounge chair—their slogan is, aptly: A departure in every can.

According to Saint Spritz’s co-founder (and former Bachelorette) JoJo Fletcher, the drink was designed for mindful drinking, as it’s free of any chemicals and artificial sugars. When Fletcher and her sister-in-law and co-founder, Mallory Patton, initially embarked on their spritz-making journey, they quickly realized most ingredients were laden with artificial dyes and other additives—and pivoted to crafting entirely different. “We wanted to recreate the spritz but do our own little spin on it,” Fletcher says, which is how the duo landed on a lower-ABV (compared to the typical Aperol spritz), orange wine-based drink, without added sugar, dyes, or artificial ingredients. (BTW, Saint Spritz is naturally colored with ingredients like beets and turmeric.)

Aside from its delicious and refreshing flavor, Saint Spritz also offers the undeniable convenience factor. Rather than having to open an entire bottle of Prosecco to make one serving of Aperol spritz, this product is ideal for the mindful drinker who wants to enjoy a casual drink without popping proverbial bottles.

What's more, Fletcher and Patton are proud to be paving the way for future women-owned beverage businesses—the spirits industry has been (Surprise!" Said no one, ever.) historically dominated by men.

2. Betty Booze

The gossip around town is that Betty Booze is Blake Lively’s latest and greatest endeavor. The new release features a trio of gourmet canned sparkling cocktails made with fresh fruits, spices, herbs, and spirits inspired by Lively’s passion for cooking. This includes concoctions like a sparkling tequila drink with lime and shiso, another sparkling tequila beverage infused with warm oak, a squeeze of orange, and a dash of butter (their ~special~ secret ingredient), and a sparkling bourbon cocktail paired with apple, ginger, and a dash of sour cherry. The best part? All three are formulated without artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. Simply put: We love.

3. Topo Chico Spirited

Topo Chico: IYKYK. The company that makes arguably one of the tastiest sparkling waters has now stepped into the world of cocktails with their bar-inspired drinks made with real spirits (tequila blanco or distilled vodka), real juice, and filtered sparkling water (our fave). It comes in three options: tequila lime (ranch water), tequila grapefruit (paloma), and vodka lemon (Chilton). Good news: No artificial ingredients in these canned drinks; they get their sweetness from natural fruit juices.

4. Just Enough Wines

Your picnic called, and it's demanding you bring Just Enough Wines’ Rosé Bubbles, a canned rosé wine from the Central Coast of California. The 2022 vintage features a bright, dry, and refreshing flavor with notes of white peaches, juicy guava, and refreshing citrus. Swoon. What’s more, this drink is free from added sugar. (Do keep in mind that this drink has an ABV of 12.9 percent, which is the highest among the options on this list.)

5. Onda

Calling all tequila girlies. If tequila is your one and only drink of choice, Onda is your soon-to-be favorite tequila-infused seltzer. It’s female-founded (Hi, Shay Mitchell), made from one of the most awarded tequila distilleries in the country, has no added sugar. And for what it’s worth, it gives my ultra-sensitive stomach zero tummy aches. Onda also features one of the broadest flavor selections in this category. This includes options like grapefruit, lime, blood orange, and watermelon from their classic collection and guava, coconut, pineapple, and peach from their newly-launched tropical edition.

2 delicious no-alcohol canned beverages for the sober curious

1. De Soi

Looking to take an extended break from alcohol? Cheers to that. De Soi is a line of sparkling non-alcoholic apéritifs created by Katy Perry and co-founder Morgan McLachlan that combine adaptogens (like L-theanine, reishi mushrooms, and ashwagandha, to name a few) with culinary botanicals like yuzu, lemongrass, and rosemary, for refreshing no-alc drinks that allow you to feel present and engaged while still enjoying a good time. The brand has four different flavors, including Golden Hour (citrusy notes), Champignon Dreams (strawberry forward), Purple Lune (tart cherry-infused), and their latest release Très Rosé, a play on sparkling brut rosé with notes of bright red fruits, subtle florals, and adaptogens like lion’s mane and saffron.

2. Aura Bora

Want to be part of a wine of the month club without drinking a lick of booze? Say no more. Aura Bora, a sparkling water company that makes canned beverages from real herbs, fruits, and flowers, recently launched its “Flavor of the Month” subscription, which mirrors the excitement of receiving a new selection of wines each month (minus the booze). Each month, the company will launch a new flavor, and subscribers can expect to receive two cases right to their doorstep—no lugging in a massive case of sparkling water from the grocery stores. This month I received their Blueberry Wildflower flavor, and it’s all I want to drink.

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