Your Lips Lose Color As You Age—Here Are 11 of the Best Tinted Balms to Add It Back

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Our skin changes as we get older. Collagen production slows down, it loses elasticity, and sun damage is pretty much par for the course. One other skin side effect that happens as we age? Our lips, apparently, change color.

"Just like any other exposed body part, lips are subjected to damage from external sources," says board-certified dermatologist Mona Gohara, MD, calling out UV light and pollution as the main sources for dicoloration and free-radical damage. "The same sources can cause collagen and elastin degradation, wrinkles and sometimes even a yellow tone, and lack of hydration and hyaluronic acid makes them less vibrant." Luckily, restoring them to their glory is as simple as swiping on a tinted lip balm (and hydrating regularly). Scroll through for some of our favorite picks.

Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Balm Sunscreen SPF 15, $24

Photo: Fresh

As the proud owner of nearly every shade of this tinted balm, I can't sing its praises highly enough. It's got the perfect swathe of color to give lips a natural-looking finish, while also hydrating them and protecting against future sun damage.

Lancôme L'Absolu Mademoiselle Lip Balm, $26

Photo: Lancome

Swiping on this balm is nothing short of pure luxury. It feels like a lipstick, but goes on sheer and with a hint of shine.

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm, $19

Photo: Clinique

There's a reason why these chubby sticks have become such a cult-fave. The color falls somewhere between "sheer" and "opaque," making them the perfect pick for adding some oomph to washed-out lips.

L'Oréal Paris Colour Riche Balm, $7

Photo: L'Oréal

Thanks to a combination of oils, this balm will keep lips hydrated for up to eight hours... and will continue to nourish them even after you've taken it off.

Ilia Tinted Lip Conditioner, $28

Photo: Ilia

If you're more into lipsticks than lip balms, you're in luck. This lip conditioner gives you the best of both, as it applies like a traditional stick but leaves the creamy, conditioning finish that's traditionally associated with a balm.

Laneige Lip Glowy Balm, $17

Photo: Laneige

For a product that adds hydration, color, and shine, look no further than this little tube. The barely-there color is subtle, but the glossy finish will add polish to even the most natural or makeup-free look.

Tower 28 Beach Please Tinted Cheek and Lip Balm, $20

Photo: Tower28

There are few things we love more than a double-duty product, and this tint is exactly that. It can be applied to lips for a little extra oomph, and dotted onto cheeks for some instant (and easy) sculpting.

NARS Afterglow Lip Balm, $28

Photo: NARS

Bring NARS' iconic "Orgasm" shade to your lips with this shimmery tinted balm. In addition to its glorious color, it also provides all-day hydration and environmental protection by way of Monoï Hydrating Complex and a blend of antioxidants.

Jouer Cosmetics Essential Lip Enhancer Shine Balm, $18

Photo: Jouer

In addition to adding color to your lips, this balm will also help plump them back up to their former glory while diminishing fine lines. It's made with shea butter, which acts as a protective seal to maintain suppleness in dry, flaky lips, and jojoba seed oil for added moisture.

Lanolips Rose Gold, $14

Photo: Lanolips

Lanolips 101 ointment is known for having 101 different uses, but the rose gold shade of its balm is particularly wonderful for restoring color to dull lips. It's flecked with gold, adding a subtle sparkle that makes the shade truly unique.

Vaseline Rosy Lip Therapy, $2

Photo: Vaseline

Giving your lips flawless color doesn't have to rack up your credit card bill. This tinted version of good, old-fashioned Vaseline gives lips a rosy sheen while hydrating them and protecting them from the environment.

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