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12 Tools You Need To Cook Perfect Eggs Every Time

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Cooking eggs is both a science and art form. The perfect level of fluff on that scramble requires just a squeeze of lemon juice and experimenting with heat gets the edges of a fried egg just right. But it's hard to help eggs become the best they can be without the right tools.

They say there are 100 ways to cook an egg, but the best tools for cooking eggs are meant to make each method easier every time. Whether you're hard-boiling eggs for a pre-workout snack or poaching them for eggs Benedict, you'll need 12 gadgets to do it right.

Best tools for poached eggs

rosle egg
Rosle Stainless Steel Egg Poacher — $30.00

Check out this handy egg poacher which makes the poaching process not-so-scientific. The deep ladle shape keeps your eggs in place to cook perfectly every time while the nonstick coating makes it easy to remove them. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty, so if anything happens to your poacher, Rosle will replace it for free.

OXO Egg Poacher (Set of 2) — $12.00

This silicone egg poaching set keeps your egg whites intact as they cook, protecting those precious egg yolks from running all over the place. Once your eggs are poached, the poacher’s folding handle makes it easy to take the eggs out and plate them accordingly.

nordic ware egg
Nordic Ware Microwave Egg Poacher — $8.00

Want poached eggs in a pinch? This microwaveable egg poacher will have you serving breakfast or brunch in no time. Simply put a 1/2-teaspoon of water in each cup before breaking your eggs into the vessels and popping the yolks. Then, close the cover, pop in the microwave, and let the poacher do the work for you.

Best tools for fried eggs

Le Creuset Signature Enameled Cast Iron Skillet Fry Pan — $165.00

The classic French cookware brand doesn’t just make Dutch ovens—their pans, skillets, and griddles are equally well-made. Whether it’s for frying fresh eggs, searing juicy meats, or grilling veggies, this cast iron fry pan is a kitchen staple that will withstand the test of time. Choose from a rainbow of colors ranging from elegant neutrals to bright hues.

Williams Sonoma Square Egg Fry Rings (Set of 4) — $22.00

Ever wonder how restaurant chefs get fancy, perfectly square eggs every single time? We suspect they use something like these handy square fry rings to do it. Crack an egg into each of the rings on a griddle, then use the handles to flip and get an even cook. Enjoy them on their own or slip them onto an English muffin or slice of toast for a breakfast sandwich.

Best tools for fried eggs

KitchenAid Gourmet Nylon Turner — $11.00

You can’t fry an egg over easy without landing the perfect flip. This nylon turner by KitchenAid makes it easy to slide underneath your eggs, avoiding sticking and smearing. The nylon head is heat resistant up to 450-degrees and safe for all kinds of cookware, including that delicate nonstick pan you can’t afford to scratch.

Best tools for scrambled eggs

All Clad Stainless Steel Ball Whisk — $28.00

Whisk your eggs, milk, spices and other ingredients together using stainless steel ball whisk. Unlike traditional whisks that have a closed bottom, this tool is also great for mixing other sauces, batters, and dressings—all while avoiding food waste. Its design makes clean-up a breeze. It’s dishwasher safe.

williams sonoma spatulas
Williams Sonoma Stainless Steel Spatulas — $120.00

Use one of these geranium pink spatulas to make sure your scrambled eggs get fluffy and light. Made from a durable silicone that’s heat resistant up to 600-degrees, it’ll turn scrambled eggs evenly while keeping them un-stuck from the edges of your pan. The fun color doesn’t hurt either, TBH.

GreenPan Padova Pro Ceramic Nonstick Pan — $100.00

If you don’t want to splurge on the Le Creuset, get yourself a set of GreenPan’s Nonstick Ceramic Pans. The 11-inch pan is coated in a mineral-based nonstick coating that’s free of any nasty chemicals, so no worrying about toxins and fumes. The design and stainless steel handles evenly distribute heat to cook your eggs evenly without burning.

More of the best tools for cooking eggs

Holsten Housewares Omelette Maker — $30.00

Skip the spatula and frying pan and make your omelettes in this convenient omelette maker. All you have to do is fill the two chambers with the eggs and toppings of your choosing, close the top, and sit back and relax—the maker does all the work for you. Once you’re done, wipe it clean and store until you’re ready to make more.

Norpro Perfect-Egg Egg Timer — $10.00

If you love indulging in delicious, soft-boiled eggs with a delicate white and a runny yolk, you might want to invest in an egg timer. This simple gadget makes soft (and hard!) boiling eggs a breeze, indicating exactly when your eggs are ready.

OXO 3-in-1 Egg Separator — $8.00

This isn’t a tool for cooking eggs, necessarily, but it is a great gadget to keep on hand. If you’re a baker who frequently has to use egg whites or someone who prefers egg-white omelettes over the yolk, this tool separates the egg, without the mess. It fits snug on the rim of pots and bowls, making the process that much easier.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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