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The 8 Best Unbound Sex Toys, Based on Some Seriously Titillating Reviews

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If you don't yet know about sexual wellness company Unbound, this article is about to do you some serious favors. It's a female-founded business selling sex toys created to be approachable, novice-friendly, non-toxic, effective, and, well, cute.

The company also goes out of its way to include educational materials with each product, which aim to help you understand how to use them safely... or just how to use them, period. In other words, Unbound demystifies what once was a behind-closed-doors, DIY-and-good-luck-to-you experience for those who want to experiment with new sex toys and accessories.

And while it's certainly a first-timer friendly business, there's something for everyone. After all, a good vibrator is a good vibrator, whether or not you've used 200 others before it.

Unbound offers quite a few products, and it can be tempting to peruse their adorably branded pages and add all of them to cart. But if you haven't won the lottery this year, that might not be the most feasible approach. To help you narrow down your options, continues reading to find a list of the best Unbound toys, according to thousands of enthusiastic reviews.


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8 of the Best Unbound Toys, According to Reviewers

Photo: Unbound
Puff Suction Vibrator — $46.00

While several other Unbound products technically have slightly higher ratings, the Puff has been reviewed the most times by a wide margin—users have left their thoughts more than 2,000 times. With such a significant amount of feedback, you’d usually expect the overall rating to dip more than it has here; currently, its overall rating is a 4.7 out of 5.

So what makes this product so great? The Puff is a clitoral suction toy with a 0.5 centimeter opening and five different intensity settings. Some reviewers say it caused them to squirt for the first time, many said it enabled them to climax more quickly than they have with other suction toys, and some pointed out that it’s actually less intense than lipstick vibrators, which makes it ideal for those with sensitive clits who experience unpleasant hyper-stimulation from those types of toys.

The bulk of lower reviews seem to focus on toys that stop working for one reason or another. If these reviews have you holding back on a purchase, it’s worth noting that Unbound offers a one-year warranty on motorized products.

Rating: 4.7 (2000+ reviews)

Photo: Unbound
Stellar Curved Glass Dildo — $37.00

This magic wand dupe (it’s seriously witchy!) appears to be actually magical, if reviewers are to be believed; with over 400 reviews logged, it’s maintained a 4.9 rating. Most note the “unique” experience the Stellar engenders due to its whimsical shape (and they aren’t mad at the fact that it’s easy to clean, either). Fun fact: This dildo can be heated with warm water to align it with your body temperature, or it can be soaked in cold water for a different (read: thrilling!) sensation. It can be used vaginally and anally and, as an added bonus, its glass materials make it more environmentally-friendly than non-glass sex toys.

Some reviewers noted that it takes a little trial-and-error to work this thing properly—but once you figure it out, game on. Others noted that they wished it had a little more girth.

Rating: 4.9 (400+ reviews)

Photo: Unbound
Unbound Gem — $34.00

This more classically-shaped glass dildo ranks highly among Unbound users, too; just over 300 reviewers rated it at 4.9. It offers all the same perks as the Stellar—it can be cooled or heated, it’s easy to clean, it’s recyclable, it can be used vaginally and anally—while offering its own unique benefits, too. It’s actually sort of a twofer in that one end is a rounded bulb and the other end is beaded (aka stacked bulbs), offering two distinct experiences. Its girth is 4.75 inches and its insertable length is 5 inches.

Honestly, reviewers didn’t seem to have anything bad to say about this toy, which makes it a pretty safe bet if you’re wanting to try something from the Unbound line but are nervous to pull the trigger. The only negative reviews of the piece seem to revolve around the fact that the writers of said reviews aren’t a big fan of glass toys, and if that’s the case for you, this obviously isn’t the best fit.

Rating: 4.9 (300+ reviews)

Photo: Unbound
Romp Silicone Plug — $24.00

If you’ve never used an anal plug before, this is the one to start with, according to reviewers. They report that the size is “manageable” and “not intimidating” for first-timers, that it’s intuitive to use (but comes with detailed instructions), and that it’s easy to clean. At its widest, the Romp is 1.3-inches in diameter (think: girth), and it offers 4.25 inches of insertable length.

Importantly, you need to use a water-based lube with this toy, as it’s not compatible with silicone-based lubes.

Rating: 4.9 (200+ reviews)

Photo: Unbound
Shimmy Vibrating Plug — $59.00

This vibrating plug has received nothing but rave reviews from its users, who use it solo, on themselves during vaginal intercourse, and on their partners. It’s a little more advanced than the Romp, but it, too, comes with an instruction booklet to help guarantee your safety and pleasure. It’s offers 4.5 inches of insertable length and 1.5 inches in diameter at its widest point—some reviewers note that this girth may not be appropriate for anal novices (though it’s not actually bigger than the Romp at its widest). Its settings include five speeds and five vibrational patterns.

The only caveat reviewers offer is that the button to change the plug’s settings (to control intensity and vibrational pattern) can be difficult to reach while in action, but once you get used to the toy’s settings, this should become less and less of an issue.

Rating: 4.9 (200+ reviews)

Photo: Unbound
Spike Sensation Play Pinwheel — $17.00

The spike is a sensation tool featuring three rows of spiked pinwheels that’ll give you or your partner *all the feels.* While reviewers of this product tend to be of few words, what little they say is said with enthusiasm. One reported that it gave them chills (in a good way), one described it as “offering a world of possibility,” and one said it “perfectly straddles the line between pleasure and pain.” (Is it getting hot in here?)

Some reviewers noted that you might want to be cautious when using the Spike on a partner, as it can be difficult to gauge the right amount of pressure (so as not to hurt them…unless they’re into that!) But on their own skin, many reviewers described it as offering a similar sensation to that of fingernails running up and down your skin.

Rating: 4.8 (120+ reviews)

Photo: Unbound
Pogo Silicone Dildo — $36.00

People reviewing this dildo are big fans of its curve, texture, flexibility, aesthetic, and the fact that it works with their harnesses.

Obviously, when it comes to dildos, there is no such thing as one size fits all. Some reviewers noted that they wished this dildo had more girth, and others noted that it was on the bigger side. Before you purchase, then, it makes sense to note the product’s dimensions: it’s 5.7 inches in length, 1.2 inches in diameter at the tip, and 3.6 inches in circumference otherwise. There were also complaints of it being too hard, but that, too, comes down to personal preference (others describe it as soft, so…).

Rating: 4.7 (200+ reviews)

Photo: Unbound
Bender Flexible Internal Vibrator — $69.00

As its name suggest, this best-selling vibrator actually bends, so you can use it 100 percent straight, or at the angle of your choosing. It features 10 speeds and vibrational patterns, and is recommended for G-spot, clitoral, and overall external stimulation. It’s 7.5 inches long.

Reviewers rave about its versatility, noting that the Bender is good for use in a number of different positions. Some also note that this vibrator helped them achieve a G-spot orgasm for the first time, and others said they used it in tandem with the Puff, and the experience blew their minds. A few users did note that they wouldn’t necessarily categorize this toy as “quiet.”

Rating: 4.6 (1000+ reviews)

Photo: Unbound
Ollie Wand Vibrator — $74.00

Unbound calls this wand “the most powerful vibe in the Unbound universe,” and it’s got eight different speeds with which to play. They recommend it for beginners, couples, and those who love a tried-and-true shape. It can be used internally and externally.

Reviewers are a bit all over the place on whether or not this vibrator is too intense or not intense enough, so it’s a bit of a gamble that you might fall on either side of that argument; however, the vast majority of users highly-rated the Ollie, which suggests it has all the right moves for most people. It’s not exactly quiet, and there do seem to be some issues with it ceasing to work for some, but remember—there is a one-year warranty on it, so the company will replace it if it stops working within its first year.

Rating: 4.7 (1000+ reviews)

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