The 10 Most Popular Vegan Cookbooks on Amazon Right Now

Vegan chocolate cake with coconut frosting from Ella Woodward's book, "Deliciously Ella." (Photo: Scribner)
Beyoncé may champion a plant-based diet, but as many vegans know, staying committed isn't as simple as whipping up a pitcher of lemonade. So how to get inspired?

As convenient as it is to trawl the internet for recipes—including Well+Good, of course!—there's something seriously soothing about cozying up with a matcha latte and an expertly curated stack of cookbooks. The glossy pictures, the stories behind each dish, making notes in the margins about how much you love certain recipes... if you're at all wavering in your allegiance to that vegan life (or even just your meatless Mondays), those things will put you right back on track. (And hey, we could all use less screen time, right?)

If you're not sure where to start building your library, consider this your ultimate guide to the best vegan cookbooks currently in print. To select this bunch, we accounted for star ratings, number of reviews, and best-seller stats provided by Amazon Books' head honchos—guaranteeing a list that's bound to give you a delicious recipe every time.

Keep reading to discover the top 10 vegan cookbooks on Amazon right now.

Thug Kitchen book
Photo: Rodale

1. Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give a F*ck, by Thug Kitchen

The rockstar vegan chefs: Thug Kitchen bloggers Matt Holloway and Michelle Davis may spark controversy with their colorful language, but one thing's for sure: they sell. They set themselves apart with their total lack of pretension and innovative recipe ideas, like roasted beer-and-lime cauliflower tacos. The duo's debut cookbook was released less than two years ago, yet it has more reviews (over 3,000) than any other vegan cookbook on Amazon ever—and it's racked up an impressive 4.5-star rating.

Get it if: You're into eating vegan, but don't want to go broke in the process.

Standout recipes: There are more than 100 recipes packed into this baby, but the pozole rojo (a soupy chili made with a hint of cocoa powder) and cauliflower cream pasta are two hearty meals you won't find anywhere else.

Oh She Glows book
Photo: Avery

2. The Oh She Glows Cookbook, by Angela Liddon

The rockstar vegan chef: Longtime followers of Oh She Glows blogger Angela Liddon respect her openness—she's been ultra-candid about her recovery from an eating disorder. With over 1,300 reviews and 100-plus nourishing recipes, The Oh She Glows Cookbook is one of the few tomes on Amazon to achieve an elusive 5-star rating.

Get it if: Cooking with exotic ingredients gets you excited—like you have a really good secret and you're bursting to tell people what it is.

Standout recipes: The "life-affirming" warm nacho dip proves you can still live your best life without milk-based cheese, while the "quick and easy" chana masala is a brilliant go-to meal option on busy weeknights.

Photo: Workman
Photo: Workman

3. Forks Over Knives: The Cookbook, by Del Sroufe

The rockstar vegan chef: Del Sroufe introduced himself to the masses with his documentary Forks Over Knives, which illustrates how eating vegan can actually reverse certain chronic illnesses. The whole "lifesaving diet" thing clearly got people's attention, since his cookbook was an instant success when it came out last year—it was Amazon's third best-selling vegan cookbook of 2015.

Get it if: You don't want a slew of books vying for attention in your kitchen—just one super-sized volume with everything you need.

Standout recipes: With over 300 recipes it's almost impossible to choose a favorite, but the Kathmandu stew (seasoned with turmeric powder and coriander) and carrot pasta with cauliflower sauce will both totally wow your friends—even the meat-eating ones.

veganomic book
Photo: De Capo Lifelong Books

4. Veganomicon, by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero

The rockstar vegan chefs: Isa Chandra Moskowitz started filming her vegan cooking adventures in her tiny Brooklyn apartment in 2003, and voila—public-access cable show and website Post Punk Kitchen were born. For her, veganism is about getting creative with food while nourishing your body, not about getting preachy. Her cookbook, co-written with her PPK co-host and best-selling Salad Samuri author Terry Hope Romero, has a 4.5-star rating and almost 1,000 reviews.

Get it if: You want a book that's easy to digest (no pun intended); one that's more practical than aspirational.

Standout recipes: The autumn latkes are good enough to eat all year long, and the pumpkin crumb cake with pecan streusel will inspire praise-hands emojis all over your Instagram.



the happy herbivore book
Photo: BenBella Books

5. The Happy Herbivore, by Lindsay S. Nixon

The rockstar vegan chef: Former lawyer Lindsay S. Nixon started her blog, The Happy Herbivore, in 2011. After a few years—and loads of page views—it became her full-time job. Besides posting her easy recipes, Nixon creates vegan meal plans for her readers to follow, including weekly grocery lists and daily meal ideas. Her cookbook includes lots of equally genius tips, all designed to make vegan fare as foolproof as possible.

Get it if: You're crazy busy and want to have meals on the table in under 30 minutes.

Standout recipes: The lasagna rolls and Cajun meatloaf are hearty enough to satisfy the whole fam—or your non-vegan friends, who are convinced you live a life of #sadsalads.

chloe's kitchen book
Photo: Atria Books

6. Chloe's Kitchen, by Chloe Coscarelli

The rockstar vegan chef: Former Cupcake Wars queen Chloe Coscarelli's New York City and Los Angeles restaurants,  By Chloe and Sweets By Chloe, consistently have lines out the door (and there are tons of meat-eaters among the crowds). Her cookbook takes classic comfort dishes—you know, the things new vegan converts may fear they'll never get to enjoy again—and reinvents them using accessible ingredients.

Get it if: You're a newbie vegan, or a carnivore who wants to get more plants in.

Standout recipes: Decadent dishes like "best-ever" baked macaroni and cheese and what she's dubbed "pancakes for dinner" are what make this cookbook a hit with everyone who wants to eat a little healthier—without sacrifice.

The Plantpower Way
Photo: Avery

7. The Plantpower Way, by Rich Roll and Julie Piatt

The rockstar vegan chefs: As one of the world's fittest men, ultra-athlete Rich Roll travels around the world advocating the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. His wife, Julie Piatt, has seen its power firsthand—she credits her vegan diet with helping to heal a large cyst on her neck. Together, the duo created a compendium of their family's favorite recipes, like DIY grain bowls and cacao nib energy bars.

Get it if: You're a vegan who likes to go hard at the gym.

Standout recipes: The vegan fettuccine alfredo recipe proves you can have your favorite carb-loaded meals without compromising your dairy-free status; the ginger turmeric latte with hemp seeds is a perfect morning beverage for fall.

Vegan Richa Indian Kitchen
Photo: Vegan Heritage Press

8. Vegan Richa's Indian Kitchen, by Richa Hingle

The rockstar vegan chef: Vegan Richa blogger Richa Hingle is the authority when it comes to cooking Indian cuisine while living the plant-based life. Everyone from Cosmopolitan to Buzzfeed to Oprah has featured her nutritious and flavorful recipes.

Get it if: The guy at your local curry takeout knows your order by heart, but you're looking for a healthier alternative.

Standout recipes: Avocado naan, mango curry tofu, roasted cauliflower in makhani gravy...basically everything you need to create a delish dinner party (or a weeknight dinner for one). 


9. Deliciously Ella, by Ella Woodward

The rockstar vegan chef: You knew the uber popular blogger would pop up on this list somewhere, right? After being diagnosed with a rare illness in 2011, Ella Woodward hardly had enough energy to get through the day. After switching to a vegan diet, she regained her life—now she has an app, two best selling books (including this one), a restaurant, and she's launching a natural beauty line. (Good thing she's regained all that energy!)

Get it if: You like your meals to be as Instagrammable as they are nutritious.

Standout recipes: Fill up on the lentil bolognese for dinner, and have the chocolate coconut cake with coconut frosting for dessert.

But I Could Never Go Vegan
Photo: The Experiment

10. But I Could Never Go Vegan!, by Kristy Turner

The rockstar vegan chef: Kristy Turner's love for animals sparked her decision to stop eating them, and even though her heart was fully in it, she knows how hard the transition can be—it took her a while to give up cheese. But now she's become a master, sharing her  recipes on her aptly named site, Keepin' It Kind.

Get it if: You'd be totally ready to do this vegan thing, if it weren't for your love of brie.

Standout recipes: Turner knocks old favorites out of the park with her mushroom cheddar grilled cheese sandwiches (made with sunflower cheddar) and tempeh bacon mac 'n' cheese. Dairy, who?

Going vegan doesn't have to be all or nothing—Christie Brinkley Burns explains why she took the plunge, but occasionally eats mozzarella. And if you think you just can't give up meat or dairy for even a day, these insanely delicious vegan recipes will give you second thoughts. 

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