5 Gorgeous Jewelry Vibrators That Are as Powerful To Use as They Are Sexy To Wear

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There are plenty of reasons one would want to sport a shiny, dangling piece of jewelry. It is, after all, a symbol of our expressed character, an accessory to enhance our appearance, and a marker of self-confidence. Naturally, the organic crossover between jewelry and pleasure technology has made its way to our necklines and ring fingers—crafting vibrating jewelry as a way to doubly enhance self-confidence with a discreet yet not-so-discreet display of self-satisfaction. While the inventory of options is on the come-up, the display of pleasure tech is unstoppable with options sporting one continuous speed, multiple patterns, gold finishings, and strong results.

Experts In This Article

The most obvious appeal of owning vibrating jewelry is that it’s always on hand no matter where you go. “Having a vibrator that both doubles as a fashion statement and pleasure tool is incredibly convenient,” says Alicia Sinclair, founder and CEO of COTR, Inc (which owns the LeWand and B-Vibe sex toy companies) “Its small size and quick accessibility also make it easy to introduce into a sexual experience or start a conversation about sex positivity.”

There are a few other practical perks of these aesthetically-pleasing toys. For one thing, jewelry vibrators are typically made from gold, steel, titanium, and glass. These are nonporous materials, meaning bacteria cannot penetrate and harbor inside the toy—making them ideal for wearing on the body and placing on your genitalia, says Suzannah Weiss, resident sexologist for the erotic pleasure platform FrolicMe. (And they’re easy to clean with soap and water.)

These tiny toys are also ideal for direct stimulation of particular areas, as most are crafted in a slim-line shape. This provides a sexy opportunity to pack direct intensity to the nipples, clit, head of the penis, or along the body's erogenous zones.

Weiss adds that the wearing a vibrator necklace also sends the message that you are not ashamed of existing as a sexual being and prioritizing your own pleasure. "This can inspire other people to also proudly own their sexuality!” she says. It’s also a hell of a confidence booster—like walking around knowing you're sporting a particularly sensual lingerie set beneath your day clothes. There is an inherent exhilaration and power that comes with bearing our sexual desires without apology or shame.

Sold yet? Check out these gorgeous wearable jewelry vibrators.

The best vibrating jewelry options for maximal pleasure

1. Le Wand Necklace Vibe, $100

With the choice of gold, rose gold, silver, and black for your next elegant yet discreet piece of jewelry, the Le Wand Necklace Vibe is a strong vibrator for its slender frame. This product combines the luxury of a longline charm with the silence of a high-end, rechargeable sex toy. Standout features include the eight vibration modes, a smooth metal finish, and easy-to-charge USB functionality.

2. Crave 24k Vesper Vibrator Necklace, $150

With a slightly higher price-point, the Crave 24k Vibrator Necklace is rechargeable, completely waterproof, and has the availability for custom engraving in case you want to gift it to someone you love. The lean structure is perfect for a daytime statement necklace while the four speeds and two modes are ideal for nightime (or really any time that suits you).

3. Vibes by Tatiana Clio Radiant Vibrating Ring, $300

The Clio truly makes us feel that we're in the future. This ring vibrator combines the elegance of an understated piece of jewelry with the innovation of what feels like a mini rocket ship when switched on. With 9000 RPMS rumbling inside of its petite structure, a quick flip from ring to sex toy turns this undetectable hand jewelry into a powerhouse finger vibrator for external use on genitalia, nips, lips, and other erogenous zones. Make sure you have your exact ring size when selecting from the dark gray, silver, and glossy nickel colors at purchase—this product is handmade just for you.

4. V for Vibes Minerva Vibrating Necklace, $50

The Minerva Vibrating Necklace is an excellent option if looking for a cost-friendly jewelry option. With eight different vibrating patterns, this gem-stone topped vibrator holds its own on the list with its non-porous, stainless steel frame and charging capabilities. Plus, it’s incredibly light-weight when worn.

5. Gold Titanium LIX Vibrator Tongue Ring, $60

This jewelry vibrator isn’t fooling anyone . . . it’s exactly what it’s designed for. The Vibrator Tongue Ring is made out of stainless steel with an anodized titanium layer to create the gold finish (no, it will not turn green). The simple turn-on-turn-off capabilities might make it less splashy than the rest but the power in this small bundle is intense as the vibration can only go as far as the product—making the resulting sensation super strong! Even though it’s made for people with tongue piercings to wear, placing the barbell between two fingers immediately converts it into a bullet vibrator.

Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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