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The Best-of-the-Best Toys for Solo Sex, According to Pornhub’s Sexual Wellness Director

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If you have questions about sex, porn sites are seemingly the easiest place to find answers. The problem? The cinematic product you see on your computer screen doesn’t necessarily paint the most realistic picture of what you can expect IRL. It’s a big reason why PornHub launched its own Sexual Wellness Center in 2017: It’s a platform dedicated to giving people the information they actually need to know about getting it on… both with their partners and on their own.

“A lot of people around the world get their sex education from pornography because there are no other resources available,” says Laurie Betito, PhD, a licensed clinical psychologist and sex therapist who serves as Pornhub’s sexual wellness director. A 2019 survey out of the U.K., for example, found that 60 percent of students turn to porn for information about sex, but to unideal effect: More than three-fourths of these respondents admitted that it gave them “unrealistic expectations” for their own sex lives. In light of this common issue, Pornhub’s Sexual Wellness Center aims “to offer people good sexual-health information, because a lot of people have tons of questions about the most basic things, and we want to make sure all of that is addressed,” she says.

In her role as director, Dr. Betito is responsible for answering sexual-health questions that come across Pornhub’s platform with the goal to educate users in ways that go beyond the tips they’re picking up from videos on the platform. One of the main topics that finds its way into her inbox, particularly in the age of quarantine? Masturbation. (surprise, surprise).

“Your sex drive isn’t gone because you don’t have people around you, which means people are turning to self-pleasure,” Laurie Betito, PhD

“Your sex drive isn’t gone because you don’t have people around you, which means people are turning to self-pleasure,” says Dr. Betito, pointing to the recent rise in sex toy sales and porn consumption as proof.”

Getting it on solo (or at least, socially distanced) is decidedly the new norm for many during quarantine, and Dr. Betito has just the tools to help. Below, she shares her picks for the best-of-the-best vibrators for women and vulva-owners to maximize their pleasure.

Below, find the 3 best vibrators for women and all vulva-owners according to Pornhub’s sexual wellness director.

1. Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 10 Function Rabbit Vibrator, $40

Photo: Lovehoney

Shop now: Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 10 Function Rabbit Vibrator, $40

Rabbit-style vibrators, like this one, offer users a sort of “double the pleasure, double the fun,” situation thanks to their dual-stimulation abilities. “There are different versions of the rabbit, which offer internal stimulation through a piece that looks like a penis and has clitoral stimulator at the same time,” says Dr. Betito.

2. Womanizer Classic, $129

Photo: Womanizer

Shop now: Womanizer Classic, $129

“A lot of women will orgasm through clitoral stimulation and don’t need a dildo because they don’t orgasm through penetration,” says Dr. Betito. “Clitoral stimulators, like the Womanizer, draws blood out from the clit, and a lot of women like that.”

This clitoral vibrator promises an orgasm in a matter of  minutes, and as a loyal user, I can confirm that it absolutely lives up to the hype.

3. Hitachi Magic Wand, $60

Photo: Hitachi

Shop now: Hitachi Magic Wand, $60

Let’s be real: We all know what this “back massager” is really meant for (spoiler: it’s orgasms). “This go-to was invented as a back massager, but it offers the most powerful vibrations that you can find,” says Dr. Betito. That said, it comes with one major caveat: Its vibrations are so strong, you’d be wise to put a barrier like a towel between the toy and your skin to avoid the risk of, well, burning or desensitizing your clit.

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