12 Weekend Wellness Retreats for a Midsummer Mind-Body Reboot

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Between weddings, music festivals, family reunions, and BBQs, your summer calendar can fill up pretty quickly—and if you’re particularly social, you may find yourself sending out a self-care SOS after several weeks of nonstop party hopping.

Thankfully, wellness retreats are having a serious moment right now, and they don’t all require a passport or a weeklong commitment to reap the benefits. In fact, there are loads of short-term getaways to choose from between Memorial Day and Labor Day, many of which only require a carry-on and a quick trip by car, train, or plane.

So whether you’re craving an esoteric new moon ritual, a digital detox in the mountains, or glamping under the Montana stars, there’s sure to be an escape that’ll satisfy your need to get grounded—and rev you up for more warm-weather fun back home.

Check out the 12 best weekend wellness retreats of summer 2017.

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June 23–25: Yogascapes Summer Solstice Sonoma Yoga & Breathwork Retreat

Sonoma, CA

A single breathwork session with healer Ashley Neese is just about as rejuvenating as it gets, so imagine what an entire weekend of workshops with the California-based healer could do to raise your vibe? When you’re not cultivating massive amounts of self-love with your fellow retreat-goers, you can stroll around the medicinal herb gardens at the Lotus Feed Retreat Center, swim in fresh water springs, or experience a Native American sweat lodge ceremony.

July 17–20: Aromatherapy 101 Retreat

Miami, FL

Take a deep dive down the aromatherapy rabbit hole with the New York Institute of Aromatherapy's Amy Galper, who’s leading an upcoming intensive on essential oils at the dreamy Standard Spa on Miami Beach. You’ll leave with a 40-hour aromatherapy certification, tons of knowledge about the history and science behind the practice, and the skills needed to DIY your own basic beauty products. (Think of it as summer school for the wellness obsessed.)

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July 20–23: Wanderlust Squaw Valley

North Lake Tahoe, CA

The Northern California stop on this year's Wanderlust yoga festival tour has a particularly killer lineup—classes from Kathryn Budig and Seane Corn (to name just two), tunes by Little Dragon, and talks by sex doctor Emily Morse and period marathoner Kiran Gandhi. But there's also a major focus on food this time around, with a new program called "Find Your True Fork" touting cooking demos, gut-health workshops, and more. Nom-aste!

July 21–23: Moon Magic Retreat 

Hurley, NY

Stargazing will take on a whole new meaning when Moon Club co-founders Alexandra Roxo and Ruby Warrington take over Maha Rose North to celebrate the new moon in gregarious Leo. You’ll set intentions for the upcoming astrological cycle, attend workshops in moon-sign astrology and spiritual activism, and dabble in oracle cards and story medicine—all culminating in a moonlight feast with your new cosmic crew.

Photo: Gabrielle Bernstein

July 21–23: The Universe Has Your Back retreat

Stockbridge, MA

Attention, type-A gals—Gabrielle Bernstein’s annual summer retreat is all about learning how to let go of control and relax into a more receptive, trusting place. In between workshops with the guru herself, there will be lots of unstructured time to test out your new, laid-back attitude by taking yoga classes, going for nature walks around the Kripalu grounds, and just generally chilling out.

July 28–30: Rewrite Your Story 

Hurley, NY

Ever feel like you haven't quite pinpointed exactly what you're meant to be doing—in your career, personal life, or otherwise? During this three-day course, magazine editors-turned-spiritual guides Sah and Moun D'Simone will help you figure it all out. The siblings have traveled the world studying with everyone from the Dalai Lama to Deepak Chopra, and they'll be digging deep into their knowledge banks to help you get clear on a new narrative for your life—one that's as passionate and purposeful as you want it to be.

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July 28–30: Pilates + Pinot

North Fork, NY

Fact: It's much easier to get through a never-ending set of hundreds when you know there’s wine waiting for you at the end. That's why, at this Ketanga retreat, Barre3 instructor Jenna Muller will be leading you through a series of barre and Pilates classes all over Long Island’s wine country, from vineyards to the beach. As a reward for your sweat, you’ll also be privy to private tastings at Palmer and Martha Clara, a bike ride on Shelter Island, and a spot of stand-up paddleboarding in the sunshine (if your abs can handle it, that is).

August 11–13: SurfYogaBeer’s Hudson River retreat

Hunter Mountain, NY

Contrary to the name, there will be no surfing at this getaway—on the water or the internet. That’s because it’s designed to be a digital detox, with an eye toward mindful eating. You’ll partake in interactive meals with Salud juice bar owner Eddie Larios and FoodTrainers NYC nutritionist Carolyn Brown, as well as discussions on healthy rituals and the food-mood connection. And to further distract you from the siren call of Instagram, there will be power yoga and meditation sessions led by Erin Ward and Kingsley Delicato.

August 11–13: Camelbak Pursuit Series

Salt Lake City, UT

Think of this as Wanderlust for the outdoor adventure set—a weekend of rock climbing, mountain biking, backpacking, and more, interspersed with classes on topics like camp cooking and wilderness survival. (Don't worry, all of the gear is available onsite so you can pack light.) After sunset, you'll be able to unwind with a cocktail, some BBQ, and new friends while you wait for the live music to start—or rest up solo in your own luxury camp tent.

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August 13–18: FP Escapes’ Mother Mountain retreat

Glacier National Park, MT

Yoga instructor Maria Margolies is taking a few days off from Love Yoga Montauk to lead this glamping retreat in Montana. You’ll be sleeping in luxury tents at the ridiculously picturesque Glacier Under Canvas resort, then spending your days eating locally sourced organic food, hiking through Glacier National Park, learning about herbs and supplements, and doing lots of yoga and breathwork. Om on the range, indeed.

August 23–27: For the Love of Travel: Meditation and Margaritas with Kelsey Patel

Isla Holbox, Mexico

Although the near-deserted Isla Holbox is only a few hours’ flight from most places in the US, the buzzy destination feels like another world. That makes it an ideal place to power down your phone and engage in daily yoga and guided meditation, reiki healing, and workshops on living with purpose, all led by LA-based healer Kelsey Patel. And yes, you’ll have the option to sip tequila (or mezcal) on the beach in your downtime—when in Mexico, right?

August 23–27: Soul Camp New York

Warrensburg, NY

Because every camp activity is more fun without braces and pre-teen awkwardness, Soul Camp is sending grown-ups back to the bunks—with a high-vibe twist. Yes, there'll be a color war, talent show, and crafts, but you'll also take part in workouts led by IntenSati's Patricia Moreno and 305 Fitness' Maria Macsay, workshops on astrology and numerology, acupuncture and bodywork, and talks by Alexandra Jamieson and The Period Girl Nicole Jardim (among many others). Oh, and no need to have your parents mail you snacks—there'll be plenty of kale chips and coconut water in the mess hall.

If you're getting to your destination by car, try these road-trip stretches and pack these travel-friendly snacks—your bod will thank you later. 

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