This White Button-Down Shirt Is the First One I’ve Ever Owned That I Haven’t Sweat Straight Through

Photo: époque évolution
My mom has been trying to convince me of how great I look in a white button-down shirt since I was 12. In fact, she sent me to the first day of seventh grade wearing one, which turned out to be a disaster because by 11 a.m. I had sweat straight through it. And let me tell you: Accessorizing my “great” look with pit stains was not exactly the first impression I was trying to make on my new classmates.

Thanks to a low-level case of hyperhidrosis (or I as I like to call it, “my annoying armpit sweating problem), the same issue has plagued me for the better part of the last two decades. As much as I love the look of a crisp white shirt—they go with everything! They make you look like a real, put-together adult!—I’ve never met one that I didn’t immediately soak through... until I met The Époque Évolution White Shirt ($148).

The fabric isn't technically "sweat-proof," but there are a few different elements that make it able to stand up to my body's moisture production. For starters, it's got the perfect oversized fit, so that it doesn't hug my armpits the way so many other shirts have over the years (which, for the lucky uninitiated, is the kiss of death when it comes to dealing with pit stains). It's also light and breathable, so it doesn't make my skin feel claustrophobic on even the hottest of days. In fact, I wore it to walk 30 New York City blocks in over 90-degree heat last month, and by the time I made it into work, there was not a drop of water to be seen. The shirt comes in sizes extra small through large, which according to the brand fit sizes zero to 16.  I'm usually a size four, and have been rocking a medium.

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Photo: époque évolution

Yes, this shirt helps me avoid looking like a sweaty mess, but it also just helps me look generally chic. It's slightly boxy with slits on the side, and literally goes with everything. In the two months I've owned it, I've worn it with a denim skirt and sandals, a pair of bike shorts and heels (and a cool knotted headband, of course), and tied in the front over a bathing suit. It's made its appearance everywhere from my office to dates to the beach, and has somehow looked appropriate in all three locales.

I've never exactly been the "uniform dressing" type, but if I had to choose one article of clothing to wear everywhere for the rest of forever, it would be this shirt. Pit stains, be damned.

Another article of clothing I've fallen in love with recently? This dress, which feels like leggings... but appropriate for formal occasions. And one editor found jeans so comfortable, you'd swear you're wearing sweatpants. 

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