It’s April 25th, Which Makes It the Perfect Date for One of These 15 Light Jackets

Photo: Getty Images/caracterdesign
This morning, I woke up, checked my calendar, and then immediately exclaimed to my ficus, "It's April 25th, and all I need is a light jacket!" Seriously—Cheryl Frasier (of Miss Congeniality fame) was on to something brilliant: Today really is the perfect date, because it's not too hot and it's not too cold. Now that all those puffer-style parkas have been packed away and our anorak armor is no longer a necessity for warding off early April showers, it's officially windbreaker season. And I, for one, could not be more excited.

While leather or denim jackets may seem like the more obvious choices of outerwear this time of year, I'd like to go ahead and argue that windbreakers are actually the most multi-purpose of the bunch. Hear me out: Not only can they function as full-on athletic gear (seriously—pop on one for a run and you'll be getting checked out as frequently as a cutie with a French Bulldog), but they're also legitimately stylish. It seems like all of the trendy millennial girls of Instagram (you know, the Jenner-Hadid-Bieber collective) are always pairing an '80s inspired track jacket with a pair of biker shorts, or tying one around their waist with some low-slung jeans. And I'm not going to lie: It looks cool. Plus, they're waterproof.

If your romantic life is anything like mine these days, finding an IRL perfect date can admittedly prove to be a challenge (a complete stranger recently asked me about my "best sexual experience" before we'd even ordered our first round of drinks). So instead, take a page from Miss Rhode Island's style playbook and embrace the perfect calendar date with one of these 15 windbreakers.

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