The 13 Best Workout Sets To Instantly Boost Your Confidence, No Matter the Season or Sport

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There are a ton of things that can turn a workout sour: Not having the proper fuel, unwarranted shin splints, and forgetting your water bottle at home, just to name a few. But there's another culprit that can quickly kill our "big gym energy", so to speak: our outfit. Sometimes, when we look our best, we feel our best, making a world of difference between a great workout and a mediocre one. Cue the cute, matching workout sets which can instantly lighten our mood and boost our confidence when we need it most. (Not to mention, make figuring out to wear so much easier, which is always a plus, amirite?)

Whether you're sweating through an outdoor pilates class in the middle of summer, taking a "hot girl walk" on a brisk autumn afternoon, or braving the winter winds to get some exercise, there's a cute workout set for every style, activity, and season. We took the hustle work out of your search by rounding up the best sets online. Find our picks, below.

13 best workout sets that for every occasion

Best overall

Photo: Girlfriend
Girlfriend Collective, Racerback Bra + Compressive Pocket Legging — $134.00

Size-inclusivity, flattering silhouettes, and a comfy fit makes this set from Girlfriend the best overall choice. The Paloma Bra ($46), a Girlfriend classic, provides full coverage and movement thanks to the racerback and compressive style. It’s sturdy yet stretchy, and it pairs well with Girlfriend’s Compressive Pocket Leggings ($88), a high-rise pant with deep pockets and a squat proof design.

Wear it to yoga class, kickboxing, brunch—you name it. It’s easy to layer up when, versatile enough to dress up or down, and comfortable for just about anything.

Sizes available: XXS-6XL

Colors and patterns available: 9 (sports bra) and 5 (leggings)

Best budget

Photo: Amazon
Iwemek Store, Seamless Workout Set — $26.00

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly workout set option, look no further than Iwemek’s Seamless Workout Set, which has more than 1,000 rave reviews on Amazon. For just $26, you can score a seamless short-sleeved crop top and high-waisted shorts. Constructed out of nylon and spandex, this set is stretchy, breathable, and comfy, making it ideal for yoga, jogging, or morning strolls.

Note that it is a crop top with bike shorts, so it might not be suitable for cooler temperatures.

Sizes available: S-L

Colors and patterns available: 10 different colors

Best for walking

Photo: Girlfriend
Girlfriend Collective, Midnight Set — $94.00

A Girlfriend OG, the Dylan Tank Bra ($46) sports a stretchy, high neckline tank that’s ideal for grocery store runs, dog walks, and treadmill workouts alike. The high neck keeps you covered (no boob slippage here) as you stroll along or want to speed things up, while the racerback frees up your movement. Complete the look with the Midnight High-Rise Bike Short ($46) or the Compressive High-Rise Leggings ($88).

Sizes available: XXS-6XL

Colors and patterns available: 8 (sports bra), 7 (biker shorts), and 5 (leggings)

Best for running

Photo: Nike
Nike, Dri-Fit Set — $87.00

Featuring the Dri-Fit Indy Bra ($45) and Nike One 7-Inch Bike Shorts ($42) biker shorts, this set is as breathable as it is stylish. Designed with moisture-wicking fabric and a center cutout, the Indy bra sucks up your sweat and allows air to flow through to your chest during hot and sweaty runs (bye bye, boob sweat). It matches the Nike One bike shorts, which are stretchy enough so they move with you stride after stride, yet compressive enough to keep you supported. Running or not, you can toss on this stylish set whenever you’re heading to the grocery store or taking a walk, too.

Sizes available: XS-2XL

Colors and patterns available: 2 (sports bra) and 10 (biker shorts)

Best for training

Photo: Lululemon
Lululemon, Wunder Train Longline Bra + High Rise Tights — $166.00

Whether you’re a gym fanatic or yogi in training, Lululemon’s Wunder Set will help you get to the next level of your fitness journey. The Wunder Train Longline Bra ($68) is a medium-support bra designed with the brand’s signature Everlux fabric, which moves with you, wicks away moisture, and dries quickly even during intense sessions. Pair it with the high-performing Wunder High-Rise Tights ($98) for an effortless look during HIIT workouts and training sessions when you’re going to be breaking a sweat.

Sizes available: 2-14 (bra) and 0-20 (leggings)

Colors and patterns available: 13 (bra) and 12 (leggings)

Best for weightlifting

Photo: Gymshark
Gymshark, Vital Seamless Set — $94.00

Featuring a seamless crop top and leggings, Gymshark’s Vital Set is here to help you push through your next set. It features the Vital Seamless 2.0 Crop Top ($40) and Leggings ($54) both of which are seamless (goodbye, camel toe). Made of a nylon and elastane blend, the set is both sweat wicking and breathable, and the fabric moves with you as you squat, curl, or deadlift.

Sizes available: XS-XXL

Colors and patterns available: 14 (crop top) and 14 (leggings)

Best for yoga

Photo: Alo Yoga
Alo Yoga, Airlift Set — $216.00

Whether you’re striking a downward facing dog or doing a forward bend, Alo Yoga’s Airlift Set has got you covered during your next yoga session. As the name implies, the set—which consists of a V-neck bra and high-waisted leggings—is meant to “lift” you up. While you won’t physically levitate, the lightweight fabric feels like second skin and won’t bog you down while you’re doing pilates or yoga. The bra, lightweight and compressive, keeps you covered while you strike a pose, and the leggings move as you do. And since it’s a sports bra, it’s easy to layer up if the studio is cold or you’re practicing outdoors.

Sizes available: XS-XL (sports bra) and XXS-L (leggings)

Colors and patterns available: 2

Best for court sports

Photo Outdoor Voices
Outdoor Voices, Double Time Bra + Court Skirt — $106.00

No matter how packed your closet is, there’s always room for a cute tennis set, and this one from Outdoor Voices has us swooning. It features the Double Time Bra ($48), a low-impact and compressive bra and the Court Skort ($58), which has a built-in pair of shorts and side slit to show off an itty bit of leg. Queue up your favorite Spotify playlist and you’re ready to rumble on your next tennis sesh or pickleball tournament.

Sizes available: XS-XL

Colors and patterns available: 14 (sports bra) and 7 (skort)

Best for hiking

Lululemon, Hike to Swim Bra + Bike Shorts — $108.00

For warm weather hikes, you’d be remiss not to wear Lululemon’s cute, trail- and water-friendly hiking set. The Hike to Swim Bra ($54) features a longline silhouette made from supportive fabric to keep you comfortable on your trek. Best part is, it’s quick-drying, so if you break a sweat along the way or stumble across a place for a swim, you’re covered. The matching Hike to Swim Shorts ($54) are made from the same materials, too, plus a zip-up waist, so you can wander worry-free.

Just note, you’ll definitely want to add layers if you’re heading out in cooler temps. This is a warm-weather hiking set that’s not appropriate for winter.

Sizes available: 0-14

Colors and patterns available: 3 (sports bra) and 3 (shorts)

Best winter base layers

Kari Traa, Smekker Long Sleeve Baselayer + Pants — $240.00

If you plan on working out through the winter and want to stay snug while you do, get these base layers by Kari Traa. Made from 100% Merino wool, they’re perfect for layering underneath ski gear, winter hiking apparel, or heavier jogging gear. Both the Smekker Long Sleeve Baselayer ($120) and Pants ($120) feature flatlock seams, so there’s no chafing and they fit like an second skin to lock in heat. And they’re so cute that you can wear them on their own when you go inside to warm up or for a little aprés.

Sizes available: XS-XL

Colors and patterns available: 7 (shirt) and 7 (pants)


Best for periods

Photo: Knix
Knix, Leakproof Sport Set — $118.00

That time of the month can make wearing anything compressive or the color white risky, but not with Knix. The period-forward underwear brand launched a leakproof skort with discrete, built-in shorts that can absorb up to three teaspoons of liquids to help you work out minus the fear of leaking through your clothes. Pair with the wireless and seamless LuxeLift Pullover Bra ($50) to complete the look.

Sizes available: XXS-4XL (sports bra) and XS-4XL (skort)

Colors and patterns available: 18 (sports bra) and 2 (skort)

Best sweats

Photo: Free People Movement
Best Sweats: Free People, On The Go Set — $128.00

The On the Go Set by Free People Movement is another showstopper. What’s included? A waffle texture-like hoodie, featuring fitted cuffs, a comfy hood, and dramatic side slits for breathability and style and some slip-on, flare joggers. Both are made of a cotton, polyester, and spandex blend for a cozy fit. Throw on a pair of your favorite kicks to complete the look.

Sizes available: XS-L

Colors and patterns available: 1

Best design

Photo: Terez
Terez, Leopard Set — $182.00

Terez’s animal print set will help you live out all of your Cheetah Girl fantasies. Featuring a compressive and quick-drying sports High Line Sports Bra ($69) and Leggings ($113), the set will give you the fierceness and support you need to strut your stuff. If you’re not into the leopard, Terez has a tons of other playful patterns and colors to satiate your inner maximalist. Until then, sing it: We’re cheetah girls, cheetah sisters!

Sizes available: XXS-XL

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