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6 Yoga Bolsters To Help You Get the Most Out of Your Restorative Yoga Practice

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I used to have an actual office set up in my apartment, but as the pandemic continued to rage, my will to sit at an actual desk, in an actual chair declined at about the same rate as the number of sweatpants that I own increased. To quote Robert Frost: "Freedom lies in being bold." And baby did I feel bold once I decided to buck tradition and make my couch my workspace. As I write this, my laptop is perched on my coffee table and I'm trying to type over the 45-pound bull terrier lying across my lap. This is all to say, the past year has been very hard on both my posture and my mental health.

Yoga can help improve posture and decrease anxiety—and the benefits are compounded when you add yoga bolsters to the mix. Yoga bolsters are pillows that help support and stabilize your practice. There are a multitude of ways to incorporate them into restorative yoga; place one under your shoulders to open your chest and heart chakra in a supported fish pose, or between your knees and rest your torso and one cheek on it to stretch your back in a supported child's pose. You'll wonder how you ever went without one. Shop yoga bolsters below.

1. Manduka Enlight Rectangular Bolster, $68

Manduka yoga bolster
Photo: Manduka

I feel 100 times more relaxed just looking at this picture.

Shop Now: Manduka Enlight Rectangular Bolster, $68

2. B Yoga The Calm Bolster Pillow, $98

B Calm yoga bolster
Photo: Anthropologie

I can't be the only one thinking that there are some other ahem activities aside from yoga that these bolsters would be helpful with. This one has a removable, washable cover. Do with that info what you will.

Shop Now: B Yoga The Calm Bolster Pillow, $98

3. Brentwood Home Buckwheat Yoga Bolster Pillow, $42

Brentwood Home yoga bolster
Photo: Brentwood Home

This yoga bolster is filled with buckwheat hulls, which help the cushion conform to your body while still offering support and are easy to refill. The waves stitched onto the cover allow it to double as a decorative pillow.

Shop Now: Brentwood Home Buckwheat Yoga Bolster Pillow, $42

4. Nordal Yoga Bolster, $62

Nordal yoga bolster
Photo: Anthropologie

Use this to help you bring the calming energy of reading the words "President Biden" instead of "President Trump" into your restorative yoga practice.

Shop Now: Nordal Yoga Bolster, $62

5. Sunday Citizen Super Soft Bolster, $95

Sunday Citizen yoga bolster
Photo: Food52

IDK how I feel about the efficacy of crystals, but these bolsters contain amethyst and quartz crystals that supposedly bring calming energy, and at this point, my life is so chaotic I'll take every little bit of help.

Shop Now: Sunday Citizen Super Soft Bolster, $95

6. Hugger Mugger Pranayama Bolster Pillow, $53

yoga bolster
Photo: Amazon

Designed to be used for pranayama (yoga breathing exercises), this bolster is a little smaller and narrower than a regular bolster.

Shop Now: Hugger Mugger Pranayama Bolster Pillow, $53

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