9 Yoga Bolsters To Help You Get the Most Out of Your Restorative Yoga Practice

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I used to have an actual office set up in my apartment, but as the pandemic continued to rage, my will to sit at an actual desk, in an actual chair declined at about the same rate as the number of sweatpants that I own increased. To quote Robert Frost: "Freedom lies in being bold." And baby did I feel bold once I decided to buck tradition and make my couch my workspace. As I write this, my laptop is perched on my coffee table and I'm trying to type over the 45-pound bull terrier lying across my lap. This is all to say, the past year has been very hard on both my posture and my mental health.

Yoga can help improve posture and decrease anxiety—and the benefits are compounded when you add yoga bolsters to the mix. Yoga bolsters are pillows that help support and stabilize your practice. There are a multitude of ways to incorporate them into restorative yoga; place one under your shoulders to open your chest and heart chakra in a supported fish pose, or between your knees and rest your torso and one cheek on it to stretch your back in a supported child's pose. You'll wonder how you ever went without one. Shop yoga bolsters below.

Best Yoga Bolsters

Manduka Enlight Round Bolster
Manduka Enlight Round Bolster — $80.00

Manduka bolsters are the OG bolsters, say Dani Schenone, a registered yoga instructor, certified personal trainer, and holistic wellness specialist at Mindbody. They come in different sizes, patterns, and shapes, such as this round version, making sure you get the support your need in your practice. Schenone adds that they’re also easy to care for — throw the cover in the wash, and you’re good to go.

Manduka Enlight Rectangular Bolster
Manduka Enlight Rectangular Bolster — $70.00

Made with 30 percent recycled fiber-fill, Manduka’s rectangular bolster is both cushioned and supportive. It has a removable cover made from a soft and absorbent microfiber fabric and has a carrying handle to make it easy to bring with you everywhere you go.

Yoga Design Lab Bolster
Yoga Design Lab Bolster — $74.00

Michelle Maslin-Taylor, a certified yoga teacher, recommends this bolster for yin yoga practices. “The flattened shape makes it super supportive and comfortable for poses like saddle and fish pose or for a really restorative child’s pose or swan,” she says.

Experts In This Article
  • Dani Schenone, Dani Schenone is a registered yoga instructor, certified personal trainer, and holistic wellness specialist at Mindbody.
  • Michelle Maslin-Taylor, Michelle is a certified yoga teacher, reiki master, and coach based in the UK.
  • Roseann Zaft, Roseann Zaft is a personal trainer, therapeutic yoga teacher, and pilates practitioner with over 24 years of experience.

AJNA Yoga Bolster Pillow
AJNA Yoga Bolster Pillow — $70.00

This bolster is a must for any therapeutic yoga practice or meditation, says Roseann Zaft, CPT, RYT, CHC. It has a soft, 100 percent vegan exterior, and is stuffed with an eco-friendly dense foam that will keep it shape over time. It comes with its own drawstring bag and the company partners with One Tree Planted, so a tree is planted for every product purchased.

B Yoga The Calm Bolster
B Yoga The Calm Bolster Pillow — $98.00

This bolster pillow has a dense, handmade interior batting, removable cover, and carrying handle. Plus, it has a pocket on the side where you can stash your phone or other small valuables so they’re close by but not in your way during your practice.

Brentwood Home Buckwheat Yoga Bolster Pillow
Brentwood Home Buckwheat Yoga Bolster Pillow — $79.00

This yoga bolster is filled with buckwheat hulls, which help the cushion conform to your body while still offering support and are easy to refill. The waves stitched onto the cover allow it to double as a decorative pillow.

Nordal Yoga Bolster
Nordal Yoga Bolster — $35.00

This bolster has a washable, 100 percent canvas cotton cover and buckwheat filling to help you find calming energy during your yoga poses.

Sunday Citizen Crystal Bolster Pillow
Sunday Citizen Super Soft Bolster — $100.00

Add some crystal energy into your next yoga session. This bolster pillow has a buckwheat filling with pieces of amethyst and crystal quartz to help relieve stress and healing.

Hugger Mugger Pranayama Bolster Pillow
Hugger Mugger Pranayama Bolster Pillow — $57.00

Designed to be used for pranayama (yoga breathing exercises), this bolster is a little smaller and narrower than other bolsters. You can use it to help expand your chest and shoulders for ultimate relaxation.

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