‘I’m a Yoga Instructor and These Are the 4 Best Yoga Pillows I Use for a Supported Session’

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Yoga is a transformative practice, but sometimes the seated poses aren't always the most comfortable positions. As Ciara would say, you can "level up" your practice by adding a yoga pillow. Catherine Ekeleme, MPH, CHES, movement educator, meditation guide, and breath-work facilitator—who has been practicing yoga for over seven years shares that a good pillow can change your yoga practice.

"A yoga pillow can alleviate pressure in the hips and spine while sitting thus enhancing the overall yoga experience," says Ekeleme. You'll better receive the benefits of yoga when you feel comfortable and supported, she says.

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When choosing a yoga pillow, Ekeleme suggests pillows that have removable or washable covers. It's what keeps the pillow clean and hygienic. "I'd also suggest checking inner material for sturdiness and longevity," explains Ekeleme. Because cotton-filled pillows tend to lose their shape over time, Ekeleme recommends foam-filled or mixed density ones like buckwheat instead.

Ready to amp up your yoga practice? Keeping Ekeleme's tips in mind, we curated this list of the best yoga pillows to make your shopping experience seamless.

The 4 best yoga pillows

1. Avocado Organic Yoga Meditation Pillow, $79

best yoga pillows

Uhh did someone say cute? This buckwheat filled yoga pillow will have you feeling supported with every yoga mantra. And the best part is that the pillow is sold by a climate neutral certified company working to offset carbon emissions. Yay for less waste!

Shop now: Avocado Organic Yoga Meditation Pillow, $79

2. Walden Meditation Cushion Set, $245

best yoga pillows

Your spine will thank you with this buckwheat-filled poof. The pillow is body adaptive and the gel-infused memory foam will add extra support to any of your yoga sessions. And with the moisture resistant antimicrobial shell, cleaning it just got a whole lot easier.

Shop now: Walden Meditation Cushion Set, $245

3. Brentwood Home Buckwheat Yoga Bolster Pillow, $79

best yoga pillows

If you're looking to "bolster" your workout, look no further. This pillow was designed to add extra support and stability to any yoga move. And if any of your yoga sessions get too sweaty, you can remove the stretch-knit cover and throw it in the wash. Inside, you'll find a buckwheat fill, which creates a firm and adjustable base.

Shop now: Brentwood Home Buckwheat Yoga Bolster Pillow, $79

4. Sunday Citizen Super Soft Meditation Pillow, $75

best yoga pillows

This pillow wins a gold medal for being the softest yoga pillow on the market. The buckwheat fill molds to your body, making it ideal for back support. And it's aesthetic appearance makes it a great addition to any space. It's a win-win situation.

Shop now: Sunday Citizen Super Soft Meditation Pillow, $75

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