The 9 Best Youtube Cooking Channels to Turn Healthy Eating Inspiration Into a Reality

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Watching other people cook is one of life's simple pleasures. I tune into the Food Network each and every time I go to the gym, and the "recommended" section of my YouTube account paints a pretty powerful picture of my digital foodie identity. The video-centric social platform is home to 294 million yoga tutorials and an infinite amount of barre content, but IMO—the best YouTube cooking channels provide something special for those of us who just don't feel like reading recipes culled from Pinterest.

The content makers on YouTube roll out everything from meal prep hacks and nutritious one-off weeknight meals to product reviews and tips from nutritionists. Well+Good's very own YouTube series You Versus Food asks dietitian Tracy Lockwood Beckerman, RD, to break down 2019's buzziest ingredients. And Alt-Baking Bootcamp gives your most beloved desserts (like banana bread and birthday cake) a nutritionally strategic makeover. To get started, hit "subscribe" on these channels.

The 9 best YouTube cooking channels for healthy recipes, advice, and more

1. Alt-Baking Bootcamp: For reimagined desserts that are 100 percent delicious

You deserve desserts and our resident eating experts, nay magicians, help you prepare healthier options of all your faves. Just hit play for brownies, chocolate chip cookies, blueberry pie, and lemon bars.

2. You Versus Food: For all your FAQs on the diet darlings of today

Well+Good's You Versus Food is like a food-lover's encyclopedia. You'll learn which diet trends (Keto, who?) are legit, and which you should pass on. Oh, and our host (and healthy eating expert) couldn't be more delightful, charming, and funny—BTW.

3. Deliciously Ella: For plant-based recipes that everyone will want seconds of

Ella Mills, blogger behind Deliciously Ella, has been doling out mouth-watering vegan recipes for years now. With veggie-based twists on nearly every cuisine and fan-favorite dish, her YouTube channel is a treasure trove for plant-based eaters and omnivores alike. I'm seriously considering whipping up these red lentil fritters for dinner.

4. HealthNut Nutrition: For meal-prep that's both inspirational... and actually doable

Let's be honest: meal prep can be a lot. But with the help of Nikole Goncalves, prep master behind YouTube cahnnel HealthNut Nutrition, making it happen is easier than ever. In the above video, Goncalves shares five make-ahead bento box recipes that are the polar opposite of boring. Lunch is saved.

5. Keep Up With Liv: For tips on hacking (and snacking) any diet

When you're giving Whole30, paleo, or another eating plan a whirl, a little bit of guidance can go along way. Keep Up with Liv delivers in spades, so go forth and live your best (vegan, keto, or paleo) life.

6. The Happy Pear: For vegan burgers that belong in your stomach, like, now

The twins behind The Happy Pear have so many brilliant recipe ideas, but their alt-burger video series will make you totally rethink what can go between a bun.

7. The Protein Chef: For easy, yet powerful, recipes

When you feel your energy waning, infusing protein into your next meal is the next logical step. The minds at The Protein Bakery will give you recipes to help you do just that for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.

8. Healthy Grocery Girl: For grocery hauls that are straight #goals

Watching people shop for groceries is visual ASMR—if such a thing exists. Since the host of this channel is a registered dietitian, it comes with extra nutritional clout.

9. Food Heaven Show: For recipes that look like artwork

Everything on this channel is heavenly to look at, but I'd wager that it's all delicious, too. Head to Food Heaven to learn how to make IRL versions of those dishes you thought only belonged on Instagram feeds.

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