Calling All Vegans: Beyond Burger Is About to Be Leaving Its Beet-Juice Trail *Everywhere*

Photo: Instagram/@beyondmeat
This year has seen a total solar eclipse, a miraculous merger that made avocados cheaper, and an all-out veggie-burger showdown: Even though the Impossible Burger has a solid mission of getting into more than 1,000 new restaurants, Beyond Meat's famed Beyond Burger might might just be the triumphant victor in the race to more bellies.

Beyond Meat just announced its partnership with food-distribution company Sysco, and that means in addition to being able to grab the "bleeding" vegan burger (a rare-cooked Beyond patty drips beet juice) at your nearest grocery store, you'll also be able to find it at thousands of food chains, hotels, hospitals, and school cafeterias across the country, according to a press release.

Soon, you'll be able to find the Beyond Burger at thousands of food chains, hotels, hospitals, and school cafeterias across the country.

“Similar to how we’ve partnered with conventional grocery stores to bring the Beyond Burger to the meat aisle where everyday consumers shop for protein, we are thrilled to be a part of Sysco’s Cutting Edge Solutions program to bring the Beyond Burger to menus alongside beef at thousands of mainstream restaurants nationwide," Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown said in the release.

There's no word on when the expansion will begin taking place (it might already be happening!), but the future of veganism—or, you know, just being able to grab a realistic, protein-packed veggie burger everywhere you go—is looking good. (Not to mention delicious.)

With 50 super-healthy ingredients, this might just be the world's healthiest veggie burger. And here's how this "bleeding" burger won the heart of a meat-loving chef.

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