I Found the Perfect Fleece Onesie, and I Won’t Be Taking It Off Until Spring

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Sometimes, my friends and I will reminisce about the old days. "Remember concerts?" I texted her the other night. "Or crowded bars," she replied. "Or what about that feeling of kicking off your slacks, shimmying out of your Work Lady Blouse and bra, and slithering into your favorite loungewear at the end of a long day?" I said.

Considering I've been wearing loungewear at... all hours of the day since March of 2020, that particular ritual has gone by the wayside. The only real sartorial switch I make is when I change from my work leggings into my bedtime sweats, and as much as I like my PJ collection, it isn't quite as exciting as it used to be. Ideally, I'd have a way to transition from my workday to time of leisure, but nothing has impressed me enough to make me want to change out of my already comfortable, bed-ready ensemble. Until I found the Beyond Yoga Overlapping Jumpsuit ($162), which is basically an adult onesie.

I've been wearing this one-piece since November—nearly every evening after I shut my laptop, finish my workout, and walk the dogs. It's made my evenings feel special again, and has become a true signifier that a day was spent working hard, and now I get to luxuriate in a fleece jumpsuit that feels like clouds. Crafted with Beyond Yoga's special cozy Fleece fabric, it's warm but not at all heavy. It's got a stylish V-neck, elastic waist, pockets for functionality, and it's also nice and stretchy. Honestly, if I chose to wear a bra with it, I could easily throw a pair of sneakers on and go to the store wearing it—but I don't. This is my special evening outfit, and it stays inside.

Looks aside, this jumpsuit has held up. I've washed it (and dried it) every week since it's come to my possession, and it hasn't frayed, pilled, or shrunk. It fits perfectly (although I'd like to point out that the front, which has a snap closure, is a bit loose—I'd recommend wearing something underneath it if you're going out to avoid any flashing situations). For now, it only comes in black and midnight blue, but I'll be the first one adding to cart once Beyond Yoga adds more colors to its collection. This onesie is just too wonderful to only own one of.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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