Wanderlusting Workout Warriors: This Job Will Pay You to Bike Across Europe and Africa

Photo: Stocksy/RGB Images
Getting to travel the world without paying a cent sounds way too good to be true, but one company is hiring someone to do *just* that—and the lucky employee will get plenty of exercise fulfilling daily duties.

TDA Global Cycling is searching for a videographer—amateur or pro!—to bike around Europe and Africa with other cyclists for four months. It's technically an internship, but all expenses will be paid, and the primary responsibility is to produce videos of all the locations traveled along the journey.

According to Travel + Leisure, the adventure starts September 1 in Barcelona and continues (via bike, of course) through Spain and Portugal to Lisbon. After that, the next stop is Casablanca, Morocco, for a two-month bike across West Africa, which ends in Cape Coast, Ghana.

Obviously this all sounds incredible, but there has to be a catch, right? Not really. The company says it'll foot the bill for flights, vaccinations, insurance, visas, food, and accommodations during the trip, and even up to $1000 for cool equipment, like GoPros and drones. Plus, the intern will be able to set their own schedule and production times. So, while it's not technically paid, the lucky wanderluster won't lose a cent while in the process of gaining life-changing experiences (#win).

If you're already picturing yourself biking from country to country, knocking off entries on your travel bucket list with every passing day, just submit an application—which includes a short video—by June 1. What do you have to lose?

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