The Fashion Faux Pas Several Supermodels Committed to Celebrate Bill Cunningham

Graphic: Well+Good Create; Photos: Getty Images/Rommel Demano/Victor Boyko/Rob Kim
Bill Cunningham spent six decades capturing images of stylish people on the streets of New York City. The photographer and longtime columnist for The New York Times also captured their hearts. When he died in 2016, many of them admitted that they would often "dress for Bill," hoping to attract the attention of his lens.

In fact, the love for Cunningham runs so deep amongst his admirers that, earlier this month, some of his most-famous subjects—Cindy Crawford, Iman, and Christy Turlington—willingly committed a little fashion faux pas in his honor. (Cunningham always loved style rule breakers, so he'd no doubt be thrilled.)

The fashion faux pas several supermodels willingly committed for Bill Cunningham
Art: Ruben Toledo

All three supermodels uploaded photos of themselves on Instagram wearing the same thing. (Which, all jokes aside, is no more a mistake than wearing your favorite outfit on repeat—just ask Diane Von Furstenberg.) The three women willingly sported matching T-shirt designed by artist Ruben Toledo to celebrate Mark Bozek's new film, The Times of Bill Cunningham. And these tees ($49) are more than a piece of movie merch—the same way a Cunningham image was more than a photo. One dollar from every sale through the end of October is being donated to God's Love We Deliver. The nonprofit provides meals to New Yorkers in need and a cause that was close to Cunningham's heart.

The documentary, which premiered last week at the New York Film Festival, is narrated by none other than Sarah Jessica Parker and includes an unaired interview with Cunningham, as well as over 3,000 of his photos that have never before been seen. “His previously unpublished archive will likely become one of New York City’s most important," said Bozek in a statement. The Times of Bill Cunningham is being released next spring, so save room in your Netflix queue.

While you wait, there are plenty of next-gen home improvement shows and internet boyfriends to keep you occupied. 

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