This Is the One SPF I Trust To Not Leave a White Cast on My Darker Skin Tone—And It’s 25% Off Now

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There are few things more annoying than putting on a sunscreen and seeing a chalky white cast on your face that just won't budge—it's what skin-care nightmares are made out of. But, alas, that's the story of my life. As a darker-skinned woman, this issue is pretty commonplace. Over the years, I quickly found out that not all SPFs are my friend—or even made for me. Sure, it’s easy to get a sunscreen that’s fragrance-free and has all the right ingredients, but if it gives my skin a ghost-like appearance, I count it all as a loss. 

That’s the main reason why I swear by Biossance and its Squalene + Zinc Sheer Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30. It’s got everything I want in a SPF and then some. It’s vegan, has ingredients I feel good about, and most importantly (for me), it's undetectable after I apply it. As soon as I first applied it, it felt like a match made in skin-care heaven. Unlike other sunscreens I've tried, (mainly top picks from CeraVe and yes, Supergoop's invisible sunscreen) this one did not leave behind some weird orange tint or any greasy residue. It applied smoothly, and didn't create any irritation. Not to mention, it's pretty lightweight, so you can comfortably reapply it throughout the day.

Biossance Squalene + Zinc Sheer Mineral Sunscreen. — $32.00

Normally $42 but on sale for $31.50.

Lightweight and packed with moisturizing ingredients, this sunscreen can step up your SPF game.

For me, the sunscreen feels more like a thin moisturizer. That could be because it has a slew of buzzy skin-care ingredients like glycerin to help hydrate skin. Additionally, it contains squalane, which is a plant-derived compound that's also super moisturizing and a signature ingredient found in all of Biossance's products.

The texture of the sunscreen is creamy, yet, it's not at all thick. It quickly disappears after you rub it in, and even makes for a good makeup primer if you're applying foundation and concealer afterward.

At the same time, I really appreciate that this is a mineral-based SPF. In general, people consider a mineral sunscreen to be safer and less irritating than a chemical one. However, the main difference between the two really comes down to how they protect you from the sun. While a chemical sunscreen absorbs UV rays like a sponge, a mineral sunscreen sits on top of your skin and physically blocks the sun's rays with minerals like zinc oxide.

All in all, choosing a sunscreen can be a tedious (and very personal) process that involves lots of trial and error to get it right. But this SPF is definitely one I'll be sticking to. For those interested in giving the sunscreen a go, today is your lucky day. From now until Aug. 30, you can snag this and a wide selection of other Biossance products for 25 percent off. Just be sure to use code FRIEND25 at checkout to secure your discount. From brand bestsellers to fan-favorites like the Vitamin C Rose Oil, there are so many goodies to take home. But if you want to keep your skin well-protected year-round, my favorite sunscreen may just be calling your name.

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