The Made-To-Order ‘Birthdate Book’ Unlocks Secrets Written Just for You—And It’s On Sale

Photo: Birthdate Co. / W+G Creative
When I found out that the Birthdate Co. makes a personalized book based on individual birth charts, my first thought was that I have at least 20 friends who need it. My second thought was that I need it. Right now. Happiness is in short supply this year, and the made-to-order Birthdate Book ($95) is pure joy.

What's more? It's 10 percent off today! So, if you or one of your besties is looking to take their spiritual journey to the next level, now's the perfect chance to get started.

If you're not familiar with Birthdate Co., it's become sort of famous for making personalized candles designed, scent-wise, based on an individual's birthdate and accompanied by personality readings that combine aspects of astrology, tarot, and numerology. You might say it's the world's most perfect birthday gift. The Birthdate Book takes this same idea and expands it into a book of more than 70 pages of custom intel based on your birthdate as well as your unique astrological birth chart drawn from the time you were born, too. (Custom scent not included, LOL. That's what the candle's for!)

The resultant horoscope analysis is provided in collaboration with astrologer Aliza Kelly. It offers insight into your personality and path based on far more than just your sun sign, and is custom made-to-order (so no, they're not just pulling generic intel off a shelf and slapping your name on it). The hardcover is meant to be a coffee table book so it's lovely to look at, too—which is great because I plan to give mine to every romantic prospect as required reading.

As a super sweet added touch, there's also a personalized dedication page available if you'd like to pen an even more special tribute to the lucky recipient.

Birthdate Co. definitely knows what its doing because the book has quite possibly usurped its candle as the most perfect gift ever created for the astrology aficionados. I imagine the company is very, very busy bringing a little direction—and a lot of joy—to fans of the esoteric arts.

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