Black Friday Healthy Home Tech Deals You Don’t Want to Miss

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In the pop culture zeitgeist, Black Friday is basically synonymous with people mugging each other as they try to nab a new or majorly discounted TV—so tech is a major category. When it comes to wellness- or fitness-related gadgets, the demand is intense, but it's a bit more chill (let's hope we never see people wrestling over the last Fitbit on the local news). That said, post-Thanksgiving may be the only time to nab your favorite sleep trackers, fitness accessories, or even bathtub-friendly Kindles at a discounted price—so it's best to plan ahead.

This year the deals are heavy on the Google Home and Amazon products so far. (Not exactly a bad thing when the gadgets can get you through dinner, your workout, and meditation.) But these Black Friday tech sales are just the beginning, so check back for updates to this cheatsheet.

Check out the wellness-friendly tech deals below.

1. Walmart

The mega chain will be discounting a number of healthy-home technology items including the Google Home and its mini-hygge counterpart for $79 and $29, respectively.

2. Best Buy

The electronics giant will of course have discounts on many products. Some of the highlights include an Amazon Echo for $80, Sonos speakers from $50–$100 off, and bargain prices on Fitbits.

3. Whole Foods

This year, the organic grocery chain is about way more than the occasional avocado steal. Since it was acquired by Amazon in August, it is offering in-store discounts on Amazon products this holiday season, including the Echo Dot, Amazon Echo, Kindle, and Fire Tablets, whose prices will be cut by $20 to $30 each.

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