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Black Friday Is the *Best Day* To Buy a Brand-New Mattress With a Deep Discount

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Black Friday is the best time of year to score big ticket items that you can really only justify buying at a deep discount. Considering you spend more than half of your life in bed (and probably more, now, considering most of us are sleeping and working in them), Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) is the best time of year to upgrade your mattress.

Some of the best DTC brands on the market are offering their cult-fave products for seriously discounted prices. Whether you’re looking for a basic plush-top or a mattress that heats and cools with your body temperature, scroll through for the best Black Friday mattress sale picks worth shopping this season.

1. Casper Original Mattress, $931 (originally $1,095)

Photo: Casper

Everyone’s favorite “bed in a box” can be yours for major a major discount during Cyber Week. The brand’s original style (listed above) is known for being breathable and offering three zones of support, but the plush Wave mattress and supportive Nova mattress are also on sale if you need a little something extra. The brand will offer 15% off mattresses with code BLACKFRIDAY from November 6 to 25, and 20 percent off mattresses with code BLACKFRIDAY20 from November 26-30.

Shop now: Casper Original Mattress, $931 (originally $1,095) 

2. Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Essential, $1,199 (originally $1,999)

Photo: Tempur-Pedic

If you’ve been dreaming of investing in a Tempur-Pedic since the early days of the brand’s TV commercials (just me?), now’s your chance. From November 23 to 30, the rand is offering 40 percent off of the Limited Edition Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Essential mattress. It’s made with the brand’s “legendary pressure relief, comfort and support,” and has a medium-soft feel that’s perfect for anyone who likes a mattress that’s both cloud-like and firm at once.

Shop now: Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Essential, $1,199 (originally $1,999)

3. Bear Hybrid Mattress, $1,112 (originally $1,390)

Photo: Bear

With six thoughtfully designed layers this super-smart mattress might just be what you need for the best sleep of your life. It’s got a layer of foam to keep you cool, a layer that adapts to your sleep position, and a layer that helps relieve pressure from your spine. If WFH has got you feeling seriously sore, consider taking advantage of Bear’s 20 percent off site-wide sale from now through December 4 with the code BF20.

Shop now: Bear Hybrid Mattress, $1,112 (originally $1,390)

4. Eight Sleep The Pod Pro, $2,595 (originally $3,005)

Photo: Eight Sleep

Real talk: This mattress changed my life. It’s got temperature control technology that warms and cools while you sleep (you can set it to change to the desired temp you like to fall asleep and wake up at), and tracks your sleep with an app on your phone. From now through Cyber Monday, score it for $500 off the original price.

Shop now: Eight Sleep The Pod Pro, $2,595 (originally $3,005)

5. Avocado Latex Mattress, $1,599 (originally $1,799)

Photo: Avocado

See what all the hype surrounding Avocado’s sustainable mattress by ordering their new all-latex model for $200 off with the code CYBER200 on Cyber Monday.

Shop now: Avocado Latex Mattress, $1,599 (originally $1,799)

6. Nectar Sleep Mattress, $799 (originally $1,198)

Photo: Nectar

Get your hands on Nectar’s already affordable mattresses with the brand’s Black Friday mattress sale, where you can score a memory foam mattress for $200 off of its regular price. And what’s more? In addition to your mattress, you’ll get $399 worth of free accessories, including a sheet set, two pillows, and a mattress protector.

Shop now: Nectar Sleep Mattress, $799 (originally $1,198)

7. Helix Midnight Luxe, $1,649 (originally $1,849)

Photo: Helix

There’s a reason why this mattress can’t stop winning awards. It’s made with advanced airflow technology to do away with night sweats, and offers special pressure point relief for side sleepers. It’s not too soft or too firm, making it the perfect pick for any mattress connoisseur.

Shop now: Helix Midnight Luxe, $1,649 (originally $1,849)

8. Leesa Legend Mattress, $1,849 (originally $2,199)

black friday mattress sale
Photo: Leesa

The Leesa Legend mattress is made from recycled materials, which means you can feel good about buying it any day of the year. But one thing that will make you feel even better? Right now, one can be yours for up to $500 off in honor of the brand’s Black Friday mattress sale. You’ll get two free pillows with the purchase of a new mattress and on Giving Tuesday (December 1), Leesa will donate a mattress to a child in need.

Shop now: Leesa Legend Mattress, $1,849 (originally $2,199)

9. Tuft and Needle Original Mattress, $476 (originally $595)

Photo: Tuft and Needle

“Antimicrobial” has become a buzzword in pretty much every element of our lives these days, and our mattresses are no exception. This sleep slab is made with antimicrobial technology to protect it from harmful bacteria, plus two layers of foam infused with graphite and cooling gel that pulls heat away from your body to keep your cozy and comfy while you snooze.

Shop now: Tuft and Needle Original Mattress, $476 (originally $595)

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