Now’s the Perfect Time to Bust Out That Black Turtleneck

Photo: Getty Images/Peathegee Inc
Besides happiness, you know what a lot of women (myself included) seem to endlessly be in pursuit of? The foundational wardrobe pieces in which to live their best lives.

Seriously, how many hours have you spent searching for a flattering black bathing suit you can actually be active in, a strapless bra that stays in place, all-white sneakers that go with everything, or high-waisted leggings that make your backside look like you just did J.Lo's butt workout? Now add to that list the one staple item that seems to be peaking this week: a black turtleneck.

That's the beauty of basics. They really allow your personality to shine.

No joke. This morning I walked into work and half of Well+Good's edit team was sporting some iteration of the high-necked knit. Part of that's living in New York City—but it also speaks to the versatility of black turtlenecks. Just like the ladies who were wearing them, no two were the same. That's the beauty of basics. They really allow your personality to shine. Plus, you can style them to suit pretty much any situation.

Pull a bodysuit or fitted version on under those breezy summer dresses you can't bring yourself to put away quite yet—extra style points for adding a pair of patterned tights. Or use one to create a little buffer between yourself and all those cozy (yet itchy) long sweaters you plan on living in for the next few months. Better still, wear one all on its own á la Audrey Hepburn with a red lip, full brow, and perfect-height ponytail.

Really, there's no wrong way to wear one this season other than to not wear one at all. And if you don't already own a black turtleneck that sparks joy for you sartorially, below is a round up of the season's newest offerings—from the classic to the not-so-basic.

Couple your black turtleneck with a pair of the best-reviewed black leggings on Amazon for a major French girl vibe that's versatile and chic. 

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