I Can’t Stop Using the BlendJet—That Portable Blender You’ve Seen Everywhere on Instagram

Photo: W+G Creative/Courtesy BlendJet
I'll be the first to admit I'm a sucker for marketing. I love a chic this, comes-in-the-cutest-colors that. Add a fun-turn-of phrase or some pretty advertorial? Sold. So if you, like me, have seen this portable blender literally everywhere—in between your streamed shows, on your Instagram, on TikTok... I'm here to tell you to buy it. Go, do it. Because the BlendJet isn't that thing that you buy, use once, and then stays on top of your fridge or in the back of that cabinet never to be seen again. It's just simply not.

So let's start with the basics: Coming in a slew of colors, the BlendJet is super cute. Next, it whips up a smoothie (or a margarita... ahem) with ease. It charges via a USB cord and holds enough charge for about 15 or so blends. You just push the little button at the bottom and boom, you're in business. When you're done, just squirt some dish soap in there, add some water, and blend again to clean it, then rinse. Easy.

I keep talking about mine all the time. I make a smoothie now nearly every day, using orange juice, yogurt, and frozen fruit (plus some adaptogen powders, if I'm feeling particularly inspired). I throw a reusable, cute straw into the the body of the blender, which holds 16 fluid ounces, and that's it. (I'm one of those people that have cute drink glasses so I'll actually stay hydrated, and this little blender makes me want to down a frosty drink.) I've used mine now for months, and so far, no problems with the blade or blend quality. (Fingers crossed that doesn't change, but I guess also—another color down the line, maybe?).

I don't make the rules, but if I did—everyone would have to get one. It's well worth the $60 price tag.

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