I Used Arousal Oil to Turn Myself on, and It Worked in 5 Minutes Flat

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For a quick refresher on middle-school-level mythology, the term "aphrodisiac" comes from the Greek goddess Aphrodite, ruler of love, pleasure, passion, and beauty. So aphrodisiacs are, then, agents of arousal. But if oysters and other edible aphrodisiacs of the like don't do it for you, you're in luck, because there are other options—one of the newest being Bloomi Arousal Oil ($58), a get-you-in-the-mood blend of botanicals that aids with pleasure and passion.

Bloomi Arousal Oil is meant to enhance sensitivity, increase natural lubrication, and intensify orgasms. That's great if you—like a great many number of vulva-owners—are contending with a low sex drive, wetness, or just can't go from 0 to Austin Powers in two seconds.

The natural blend is also great for those who have sensitive skin. "Most products on the market in this category contain harsh preservatives, chemicals that can sting or irritate the vulva, or fragrances that simply don't need to be in the formula," says sexologist Rebecca Alvarez Story, founder of Bloomi, adding that since vulva skin is so absorbent, she recommends using as gentle a formula as possible.

Bloomi's formula includes squalane, organic apricot oil, plum kernel oil, and pumpkin seed oil. There's also exotic-sounding ingredients like damiana, which has been noted to promote better orgasms. There's angelica root, which supports the arousal process. And there's wolfberry, which is reported to enhance overall sexual stamina.

"Increased circulation in your vulva and clitoris helps to promote your natural wetness and ability to have stronger orgasms." —Rebecca Alvarez Story, Bloomi founder

Finally, I was ready to get aroused. I rubbed the recommended three to four pumps of the product on my vulva, and made sure to not use it internally. "The reason our instructions focus on the genital area is because that is where you want blood circulation to increase in order to increase arousal and help sex feel better," says Story. "Increased circulation in your vulva and clitoris helps to promote your natural wetness and ability to have stronger orgasms."

I can certainly get down with that. So, after having an existential crisis over which erotically stimulating activity I should partner with Bloomi (like, should I watch a porn? Do I re-read Little Birds? Erotic Riverdale fan-fiction?), I eventually got down to business. Below are my hot and sexy takeaways:

Here's what happened when I tried Bloomi Arousal Oil

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Using the Bloomi Arousal Oil is an effective way to slip into your sexuality, which can psychologically allow you to be more receptive to your feelings, and feeling good, in particular. It definitely allows you to be more sensitive where it counts, and is safe to use on other erogenous zones, but "you won't get the full effect if you use it on say, your breasts," Story says.

And if you're looking for a more utilitarian, "open the floodgates, because mama has an 8 a.m .meeting tomorrow" kind of product, Bloomi is also a good option. While, for me, at least, it didn't make for a situation of insta-arousal, within five minutes or less, it kicked in hard. And as for the big "does it make your orgasm more powerful?" question? Yes, decidedly so. Bloomi kicked my Os to a solid A, so no complaints there.

And since getting properly aroused can be a challenge for many, Bloomi is great to have available. Since it's also adept at intensifying and electrically charging arousal levels, Bloomi is also a great addition to foreplay, but do keep in mind that it's not compatible with latex condoms, and is also not meant for any sort of internal or penetrative use. Otherwise, however you want to play, trust that Bloomi will help you release your inner Aphrodite goddess.

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