This Blue Light Wand Puts Derm-Grade Acne-Fighting Tech in the Palm of Your Hand

If time at home has taught us one thing about skin-care treatments, it's that there are plenty of DIY tools that effectively recreate the spa experience without requiring you to change out of your pajamas. Take blue light therapy, for example. Traditional in-office treatments can be pricey, but SolaWave’s newest offering, the Blue Light Wand, gives you the same tech at home for only $118.

Blue light is a derm favorite thanks to its ability to fight breakouts, improve skin radiance, and boost the performance of your usual topicals. "Blue light therapy is considered for anyone who wants to clear their current breakouts in a more expedited fashion as well as prevent future breakouts," says Vanessa Lee, RN, a medical aesthetics provider based in Los Angeles. It works by killing acne-causing bacteria, called P. acnes, leaving your complexion clear. It's a fairly new technology that until recently was only available at the hands of a pro, but thanks to devices like the Sola Wave Wand, it's now readily available at home.

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  • Vanessa Lee, RN, Vanessa Lee, RN is a skincare specialist and the founder the The Things We Do, a self-care/aesthetics company.

In addition to blue light, the wand also softly vibrates as you use it, a function that's said to boot skin radiance after only a few weeks. “Any time you have low vibration or massage on the skin you’re going to increase blood circulation," says Dr. Lee. "With blood circulation comes a higher delivery rate of nutrients into the skin and oxygenation and that always adds to natural radiance." Like any facial massage, the vibration works to drain puffiness from the face, revealing stronger bone structure, as well as clearer skin.

It also works as the perfect primer ahead of your topical serums. Taking time to massage the face with the wand creates a smooth surface that's prepped and ready to absorb other steps of your skincare routine.

As for the frequency of usage, Lee suggests three or five times a week for three to five minutes. If you're dealing with a particularly pesky breakout, she recommends using it intermittently as a targeted spot treatment for 30 seconds to one minute. Results are usually visible anywhere between two and six weeks, so if you’re in the market for an easy way to upgrade your at-home spa setup, look no further for scientific results that fit in the palm of your hand.

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