Bobbi Brown’s Joined Forces With Walmart to Make Beauty Ingestibles Uber-Accessible

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Everything Bobbi Brown touches turns to gold. The former cosmetics mogul turned wellness mastermind has, in the past three years, gone from leaving her namesake makeup company to publishing a book called Beauty from the Inside Out, becoming a certified health coach, and launching Evolution_18, a line of ingestible beauty products—making wellness-world waves at every turn.

Now, though, she's upping her game even further with the launch of a new, affordable supplements off-shoot line from Evolution_18—which, as of today will be is available in 1500 Walmart stores (and on And this is a big deal, because it marks Walmart's first foray into the world of beauty ingestibles, and is poised to bring the category to the masses.

"I'm really grateful and thankful that I'm launching this new brand with Walmart," Brown tells me. "I'm trying to be really cool and calm. It's beauty-inspired wellness, and what I'm really excited about is that it's products that will help you with your inner beauty, and they're being positioned in the beauty department."

The line consists of 10 beauty supplements: Beauty Bubbles in both collagen and hydration form, which are effervescent tablets you drop into water; Beauty Glow, supplements featuring collagen and hyaluronic acid; Beauty Superfood, a nutrient-dense powder (with collagen) for mixing; Beauty Debloat Tea, which is just what it sounds like; Beauty Probiotic, which is a powder that melts on your tongue; Beauty Gummy, a biotin-packed vitamin gummy; Beauty Grow, biotin supplements for your hair; and Beauty Collagen Powder, which is grass-fed collagen peptides.

Most impressive is the brand's very Walmart-friendly price point, which ranges from $10 to $20 tops—which is unheard of for these types of supplements (typically you'll find collagen, including products in the original Evolution_18 line, being sold at around 60 bucks a container). "The price point hasn't really happened in our world," says Brown. "And they all taste good and have clean ingredients."

"We're excited, because this is bringing accessible inner beauty to America." —Jody Pinson

Walmart's thrilled because their consumers have actually been increasingly asking for cleaner ingredients and more wellness-focused products. "We're excited, because this is bringing accessible inner beauty to America, so 1,500 stores across the country will have it," says Jody Pinson, V.P. of merchandising, beauty at Walmart. "It just started hitting our stores and so far the response has just been unexpected. Our customers are looking for simple ingredients so they can understand what they're putting on and inside their bodies,  so we think [Evolution_18] will bring it to people that just want to be healthier."

The newfound relationship between Brown and Walmart may seem unexpected, considering Brown's cosmetics line that has graced beauty departments of high-end department stores for decades—but it's actually very much aligned with what Brown's trying to achieve. "This is really a new category, and it's really beauty-inspired," says Brown. "A lot of people don't realize that if you don't feel good, you don't look good—so this is a great way of promoting that. This is a ginormous platform that'll be able to reach so many people."

Some may have considered ingestible beauty supplements like collagen as being only for the well-to-do who could afford the higher price tag, but Evolution_18 is nixing that entirely. And with such important supplements being sold in such an accessible megastore, more of the country will be able to live the wellness-focused lives that they want—without breaking the bank. Which is a huge health win for everyone.

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